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[su_note]Your health is important, I’m sure you like me, already know that.[/su_note]


I have been trying to improve my health lately, but it’s hard to stick to a random plan you came up with one morning and you’re not even sure if it will work! I decided that there had to be some apps out there to make the process a little easier, without all of the manual calorie counting and trying to figure out whether I was creating a deficit or not.


I looked around online for the best healthy eating apps and found this list, plus some other.


Best 10 Healthy Eating Apps by AppGrooves


After reading through it, I thought it might be a good idea to make my own list of my personal favorite health apps.


So, here is my list! Hopefully, it will help you find a good app for your personal use.


  • Get in Shape with MyFitnessPal

Get in Shape with My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal helps you to keep track of your calories as well as how much exercise you are getting. You can use the app to set your own goals and then view auto-generated charts of your progress.


The reason I like the charts is they are a visual representation of your current progress. For me, this serves as a great way to stay motivated and on track with my diet. Another thing worth mentioning is the graphs are easy to understand.


One thing that I’d love if the app has is recipes. There are no healthy recipes like some other apps like this offer. If you’re looking for apps that also include recipe ideas, then maybe one of the other apps will work for you.


  • Lose Some Weight with Lose It!

Lose It App

I’m pretty sure that this app will help immensely if your goal is to lose weight because the calorie counting feature and the calorie plan feature are both great for controlling your calorie intake. For me, the tools were extremely simple to use.


The UI is well-designed so you don’t waste time wondering what does each button do. You can also log your calories by just taking a picture of your food, and it will do it for you. I found this feature to be quite fun actually.


That last feature may sound pretty cool, but there are some issues with it. For example, the camera will not always recognize the type of food. The database is pretty large, but every type of food in existence are not programmed into it, understandably.


Still, overall, I like Lose It as the app manages to hit that sweet spot between simplicity and effectiveness.


  • Track Daily with MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary App

MyNetDiary claims to really inform you about the impact that certain foods have on your health. I’m a person who always wonders if what I’m eating is right, even if it’s a certain salad, so when I read about the features I had to check it out.


And really, I’d say the app does a pretty good job of keeping you aware of what is harming you and what is helping you, and you can get the most out of your daily meals.


I later realized the app is specifically geared towards people with diabetes but it can still be used by anyone.


Apparently, you can also take a picture of your food with this app, but the database is not so great. At least when compared to Lose It. If you want a larger food database for tracking your calories, then Lose It! Is definitely a better option.


These apps are here to help you lose weight and get fit but keep in mind they can’t solve problems completely, they are just here to make it easier. It’s still up to you to get the job done and  I hope you’ll be able to do that! Remember, in a healthy body a healthy mind.

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