Best and Proven Guide to Remove All Types of Browser Hijacker

Are you one of those whose computer is infected by a browser hijacker?


Well, yes you are and this is the main reason why you are here reading this article.


I know you are very much irritated because of that browser hijacker virus as it constantly shows pop-up ads on the browsing screen and redirects you to other web pages and anonymous websites.


The best and most famous form of browser hijacker is the one which shows ample amount of pop-up ads and fill up your browsing screen with it.


Browser Hijacker

Because of all this you are forced to use CTRL-ALT-DELETE trick (Best way to close any application or program) in order to regain the access of your browser and computer.


But here is the catch…


This works only for a few minutes and the moment you open your web browser that same browser hijacker starts functioning again.




No need to worry as we are here with the Best and Proven guide to remove all types of Browser Hijacker from your computer in easy steps.


But first…


Let us know more about…


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What is a Browser Hijacker?

A browser Hijacker as the name itself says is a trick or say a way used by hackers and cybercriminals to take over the control of your web browser and then use it for their own personal use and monetary gain.


There are many ways in which these hackers and cyber criminals can use your browser by hijacking it.


Some of those ways are listed below:

  1. Changing your default homepage to some other website in order to increase traffic on that website.
  2. Promoting some other website by redirecting the user to that website on regular basis.
  3. Showing Pop-up ads on your browsing screen and promoting a product or a website through it.
  4. Forcing the user to click on ads and other pop-ups by restricting the user to use the close sign(x) in order to generate revenue through google ads or other ad agencies.


But the main purpose of these browser hijackers is to steal information which is saved in your browser like your login IDs, Passwords, Other bookmarks etc.


                                                                                           Example of Browser hijacker

Now you must be thinking of one question and that question is…


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How is your PC infected by a Browser Hijacker?

A Browser Hijacker can come in your system through many ways.


You have installed software from free or say third party websites right?


Obviously yes, who don’t?


Well this is the main and the best method used by cybercriminals and hackers to sneak into your computer system.


Browser Hijacker Virus

Many of these free software providing websites load browser hijacker or say virus in these software and when you download and install that software on your system the browser hijacker gets an easy access to infect your system.


Now you know why it is always recommended to download and install any software from a trusted website only.

This virus will add many other shortcuts and browser extensions to your browser and that too without your consent.


The default homepage of your browser will be replaced by some other search engine, Some of the registry keys of the system will be hijacked and changed, the default settings of your web browser will be changed and what not.


The worst part of these browser hijackers is that even when you restart your computer or reset your browser, the virus will still be there.


Scary Right???




Do you know what is scarier?


Your computer can get infected by this virus even by emails.



Have you ever clicked on an anonymous mail saying that you have won a bumper prize and in order to avail that price click on the link given in the email?


Well that link is a path taken by a virus to infect your PC.


So, never click on any anonymous email or web attachments.


Don’t you worry as if there is a virus in your system then it obviously can and will be deleted as there is always a way, all you need to do is search for that way and that too in an easy manner.


Here is how to remove any browser hijacker from your system and how to reclaim your browser.




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Browser Hijacker Removal Tips

Are you a windows 10 user?


If yes then consider using this quick trick before you proceed further in deep knowledge of how to remove a browser hijacker.


Well this trick works 90% of the time.


Once the trick is applied, you will be able to close the hijacked browser within seconds.


So the wait is over now…

NOTE: This trick is helpful but will not work always.


Here is the trick:

Try restarting your windows 10 computer.


Not able to access the start menu?


Don’t worry as this issues is because of the malware.


So once restarted the PC, go to the favorites section.


Not able to find it?


Press the windows key and type “Favorites” or else Press “windows key + E” and search for favorite on the left side pinned section in your screen.


Reached there?


Look for the folder which is a collection of URLs only.


Now open a URL. (You can pick any as it doesn’t matter)


This URL will open in Microsoft Edge with an additional tab for your favorite link.


This is where you will find the hijacked page. The hijacked tab will be there just next to it.


So without going to the hijacked page or infected page simply click on the CLOSE (X) button on the hijacked page.


There are more chances of this trick hitting the right chords.


So once successful your browser will be free from the virus and you will be back in the game again. 😉


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