Google Chrome Extensions Which Are Useful To Use

While Google Chrome is considered as the most popular Web browser being used by millions of online users worldwide, there are several ways that you actually utilize it better by downloading extensions.


With these far-fetched amounts of extensions, you can be able to boost browsing performance, enhance features and most importantly, fix problems.


Allowing you to experience all sorts of functionality,


Here are some Google Chrome extensions you may find useful to use


that can let you save time, money and energy in the long run.


  • Stay Focused

Stay Focused

Being a great Google Chrome extension, it’s something that most businesses like can depend on in terms of avoiding distractions when sitting in front of the computer screen all day long.


It’s also designed for you not to get easily distracted by certain websites such as Facebook, Twitter and many more.


With StayFocusd, you can restrict yourself from using other websites with 10 minutes default option feature.


  • Google Dictionary

Looking for definitions for unfamiliar words can be made easier with Google Dictionary extension. Although opening a new tab to search for a definition can only take a few seconds, highlighting and clicking on the dictionary icon are even faster with this Google Chrome extension.


  • FlashTabs

Studying for a test may no longer be difficult with the FlashTabs extension for the Google Chrome. It’s definitely helpful especially when you’re also doing other tasks on the computer.


With its help, you can be given an opportunity to learn things while going over with your other daily responsibilities. Every time you open a new tab, a new flash card will show up, making it easier for you to both study and work at the same time.


  • Sidenotes

It’s a very useful extension because it works perfectly for taking down notes as you browse the Web for more information.


Launching a blank notepad on the side while scanning the website, you can easily jot things down without switching between windows with Sidenotes.


Furthermore, notes recorded in this extension are downloadable through Dropbox making it more accessible any time of the day.


Tab Wrangler

When it comes to managing browser tabs, Tab Wrangler is considered as one of the best.


If you’re to experience browser tab overload, this extension can give you the option to close inactive tabs automatically and open those closed tabs again.


Another thing that makes this addition one of the favorites is the syncing of settings through computers.


  • Grammarly


With this featured Google Chrome extension, you can assure of all the writing you do on the Web.


It keeps an eye on all potential mistakes in grammar and spelling, thereby allowing you to fix them for better results. Also, Grammarly extension provides suggestions whereby you can see what grammatical errors you’ve committed.


  • Data Saver

Slow internet connection may no longer be a problem with Google Chrome’s Data Saver extension.


When you’re having a difficult time navigating the Web due to limited connection, this extension can do something beneficial to your browsing speed.


It has the ability to make compression on non-HTTPS sites in non-incognito windows right before they get to Chrome.


  • Buffer

If you’re a social media enthusiast, then using Google’s Buffer extension can be the perfect match for you.


By taking full advantage of this extension, you can be able to manage your several social media accounts with ease. Also, posting on multiple online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and many more are made simpler with its extraordinary features.


  • Boomerang for Gmail

When it comes to email matters, Boomerang for Gmail can be a great extension to use.


By installing it on your device, you can ensure that scheduling and tracking of sent messages are done properly. For instance, this Google Chrome’s extension also enables you to send emails at a later date even for a few hours or months.


It’s amazingly helpful especially in remembering who you’ve sent your emails.


  • LastPass

Being a Free Password manager, LastPass can be your best resort when it comes to remembering your passwords for several websites.


While it can be difficult to recall password combinations which are unique to each of your online accounts, this extension can make your life much easier as it has the ability to create new secure passwords every time you log into the website.


As soon as you install it on your computer, you can now have the option to encode the account credentials that you want LastPass to keep and remember.


The Bottom Line

While Google Chrome provides dozens of extensions that can make your browsing experience more fulfilling, it would be best if you get to understand how you can perfectly use them to your advantage.


Although you have plenty of these extra features to choose from that can do everything from saving money to keeping your browsing more secure, you must still make sure only to choose some that you think will be most helpful in your daily tasks.


By reading this article, we hope we’ve given you a valuable idea as to which Google Chrome extensions are useful to use not just for your personal needs but also for business purposes.

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