Websites which are boon for all the programmers

The only disadvantage of being a programmer is that it brings a lot of headaches.  For the programmers, logistics are an inseparable part. There are some very generous people who have design websites that are actually a boon for all the programmers out there.

Programmers can use these websites as a tool at the time of crisis. So let’s have a look at the websites which every programmer should bookmark.

If you got stuck at something in any project and you have no way to get out of it then

Visit these websites now.

They will show you new light-


  • Quora


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This website needs no introduction as it is an open source community that has multiple answers to your queries answered by different experts. You can even comment on the comment section to give your feedback or to ask for few more details.


  • Stack overflow

Stack overflow

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The website that is known for containing all your programming related solutions. You can easily search as per your query Not only this but you can also type your queries and experts will answer you instantly and personally.


  • Devrant


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This is the best place to share your stress and to rant it out. If you have any programming or coding stress then this website can make you feel stress relief.


  • Learn anything

One of the coolest community for learning new things related to programming, coding or anything.


Now, We have some websites especially for the Web Designers should bookmark to polish their designing skills.


  • W3Schools


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If you are a beginner, who is very fascinated towards web designing and want to gather more information then this is the right place for you.  The website offers numerous tutorials, videos and designing sessions that can help you in learning website designing.  You can learn HTML, CSS, XML, JavaScript and much more from this website.


If you want to learn designing and programming by sitting in the comfort of your house then Zenways is the best website for you to learn from the experts.

You can also watch video, lessons, blogs and other learning aids available for the students from the expert-end. So hurry up and start learning how to make a website with just few video tutorials.

Zenways offers offline classes also for website, android & iOS development training courses in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Bangalore.


Boon for coders and programmers:

So if you particularly want to amplify your coding skills and want to improve them, then immediately log on to the following mentioned websites-


  • CodeAbbey

Place that can help you in mastering the programming field. The website offers help to the beginners with the solutions and then gradually increase their difficulty levels.


  • Reddit


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Another interesting place that helps the beginners to learn to code by reading other people’s coding. You can learn numerous new things and coding methods from the expert end.


  • Cave of programming

This is the easiest way to learn the programming and coding and to enhance your coding skills to premium level.


  • Code academy

This is the website that offers art of coding and that also free of cost.


  • Code Project

Log on to this website to read the latest articles on coding programming and development that will ultimately help you with numerous solutions for your queries.


If you aren’t satisfied with the above-mentioned websites then look for the professional guidance from professionals like zenways that can help you to learn to programming and designing both offline and online.

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