The Many Business Sectors That Make Good Use of Golf Carts

While we all know that carts are used by golfers to aid them as they negotiate the terrain of the course, yet these adaptable little electric vehicles are found in quite a few business sectors, which we explore in the short article.

1. Residential Construction

A large housing complex under construction would have a site office at the front of the development and there would be 4 or 5 golf carts waiting to ferry potential buyers to view lots. These vehicles are preferred due to their simplicity and low cost of running and with affordable golf cart repairing service by UGO, the units are always ready to go.

2. The Hospitality Sector

There are many live events where golf carts are used to ferry around participants, which is quick, comfortable and easy to maintain. A small private airfield might use golf carts to ferry passengers from the terminal building to the waiting aircraft and they have plastic sides to drop down when it rains. They also use these buggies to ferry luggage back and forth.

3. Hospitals

Large hospitals require huge car parking areas and that could mean a very long walk to get to where you want to go; most hospitals run a few golf carts between departments and the car park, with designated waiting zones where you will be collected and taken to your destination.

4. Locomotive and Aerospace Centres

Train and aircraft museums would have a fleet of golf carts to ferry viewers to the many exhibitions; imagine how many golf carts NASA use at their many complexes! The units would be maintained by a team of technicians and there would always be back up units, ready and waiting to take employees where they need to go. SpaceX certainly makes good use of electric vehicles at their factories, as this is the cheapest way to maintain connectivity.

5. Leisure Parks

Another place you will find lines of golf carts, as these complexes are large and finding your way can be an ordeal. The drivers are always happy to help in any way they can and who knows, you might see Mickey Mouse driving one! All the big parks in Florida and California rely on these buggies to transport staff and visitors alike and they have charging and service stations to ensure the carts are always ready to work. Click here if you are into camping.

6. Fishing Parks

As you would expect in Thailand, a premier fishing venue would bring your ordered food and drink by golf cart, which doesn’t damage the ground, thanks to the super wide wheels.

7. Large Industrial Facilities

Golf carts can be found at most large industrial plants, where engineers need to be in many different places at very short notice. The Thai government fully supports electric vehicles and this sector is growing day by day.

Electric vehicles are most definitely the future and the good old golf cart is an essential aspect of many businesses, as it is cheap to run and maintain.

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