Get Familiar With Equipoise In Less Than 5 Minutes

Equipoise is largely seen as a dangerous anabolic steroid because of the severity of its toxicity and the varying degrees of devastating adverse effects it is known to produce.

Compared to other androgenic anabolic steroids, equipoise has more pronounced effects. It is threatening to organs like the liver and can also induce some life-threatening cardiovascular diseases.

Equipoise Is Notoriously Famous For Its Extensive List of Severe Side Effects:

  1. Topping the lists of these side effects is the most common one which is the suppression of endogenous testosterone. Endogenous testosterone refers to the testosterone produced by the testicles.

Equipoise is a synthetic form of testosterone whenever the drug is in the system the body recognizes it as testosterone, and that’s how it boosts anabolic activities.

However, the problem with this is that the body will also recognize a spike in testosterone levels, this brings about the natural reaction of reducing the production of natural testosterone, resulting in what is famously called suppression. It is advised to use equipoise in short cycles to avoid these testosterone suppressions, also using testosterone support drugs during this cycle is found to be necessary in preventing this problem.

  1. In addition to testosterone suppression, equipoise also affects fertility in men by shrinking the size of the testicles. This leads to a reduction in sperm count thereby affecting the movement of the semen to the ovary for fertilization.
  2. Other secondary effects are acne break out, rashes, oily skin and irregular body hair growth.
  3. It is possible for virilization, a condition in which women develop male-pattern hair growth and other masculine physical traits to occur in women who use equipoise, so they are highly discouraged from using this steroid. Women with virilization often have an imbalance in their sex hormones.

A proof of the virilization concept can be observed in female athletes Equipoise who experience irregular facial hair growth, changes in the menstrual cycle, deepening of the voice, changes in skin texture, and clitoral enlargement.

Evidence shows that Equipoise was earlier used in clinical testing of humans in the past before it was discontinued due to its adverse side effects.

Equipoise is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and it is also classified as DEA Schedule III controlled substance thus making it illegal to possess the drug without a medical description.

One may ask, is there any benefit to using this steroid. Yes there is. One is the fact that it is cheaper, its effect takes place quickly and lasts longer than others. However none of this benefit is enough reason for one to disregard the harm that it can cause.

While it can be claimed that this steroid was initially developed for veterinary purposes, it is also important to understand that it has been banned for any veterinary purpose.

Globally equipoise is banned for use in horses competing in Olympic and Paralympic events and is largely illegal for use in Agriculture.

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