Gadgets that Can Improve the Quality of your Sleep

Studies conducted not so long ago by the National Sleep Foundation showed that a staggering 45% of Americans have problems sleeping.


Besides by-the-book insomnia, many people feel they do not rest properly or that they cannot get back on track with their sleep hours and patterns.


Fortunately, for everyone, technology is here to help us and lull us into sleep.


If you thought we only had gadgets to make our everyday life easier, we have plenty of devices to turn our nights into quiet, restful paradisiac universes.




We will show you five interesting gadgets that can improve the quality of your sleep.


FDA Approved Electrical Headband

The FDA has approved this sleep-helping headband that sends low-level electrical signals to the brain to boost neurotransmitters such as serotonin, GABA, and endorphins.


These chemicals are also involved in anxiety, depression, and insomnia disorders. The headband works by regulating their levels, thus improving moods and sleep.


Of course, you need to see your doctor before using the brain-wave headband.


Although it gained success as an alternative treatment for such issues, you should be sure it would work for you and your problematic sleep.


The idea of sending low-level electrical signals to your brain for 20 minutes (this is how long the headband works in one session before shutting off automatically) may not sit well with you, but the headband proved valuable.


Smart Mattress

Smart Mattress

When we try to deal with sleep problems, we all know the sleeping environment is essential for us to get our rest.


A proper room temperature is just the beginning, as nothing beats a good mattress, a comfortable pillow, and the necessary cave-like darkness in our bedrooms.


Speaking of mattresses, science is now able to offer us some very smart ones.


Smart mattresses come together with sensors and companion apps, which can track down your heart rate variability, sleep position, environmental variables, and other factors that contribute to a restful sleep.


Based on the data they gather when you sleep, some mattresses also adjust their firmness and report to you in the morning, revealing how well you slept and suggesting you what to do the next night to sleep even better.


The Breathing Assistant

Everywhere we look, we learn a new thing about the benefits of proper breathing for our minds and bodies.


We now have smartphone apps trying to teach us how to breathe properly, not to mention yoga, and relaxation techniques stemming from decades of psychotherapy research.


Besides apps and entire schools of thought, we also have nightstand breathing assistants, a gadget no bigger than a jewelry gift box.


The technological principles behind the gadget rely on pulsating light.


The device projects a pulsing, soft blue light on your ceiling or wall. You need to breathe according to the light (inspire on the bright light, expire when the light turns dark).


In a few minutes, the light goes off automatically and you fall asleep.


The gadget intends to reduce thought stressors and work on your catecholamines – brain chemicals that make us feel tense and wired.


The best part is that the gadget actually teaches you how to breathe and relieve stress and annoying thoughts, so you can adopt proper breathing patterns even if the gadget is not around.


Smart Chest Strap

Even if it sounds a little uncomfortable, a device of this sorts is safe, and it will not cause you physical distress. A smart chest straps works as a sleep monitor.


The device you will strap onto your chest measures your breathing while being connected to an app on your phone via Bluetooth.


The app syncs with your breathing patterns and is able to correct them by playing different tones through the phone.


All you need to do is follow the tones and your breathing and slip into nice dreams. The gadget and its app turn off automatically when they detect that you have fallen asleep.


Smart Alarm Clock

The last thing we want to hear about when we have trouble sleeping are alarms and clocks but hear us out.


Some new-gen smart alarms are veritable wonders of technology. One such alarm looks like a futuristic white tennis ball working on voice commands.


It wants you to have a good night sleep, so it helps you engineer your sleep environment to a tee.


Its sensors assess your room temperature, humidity, air quality and light, warning you to adjust such variables in case they might prevent you from getting your rest.


Moreover, the alarm monitors your sleep patterns and wakes you up gently, with soft music and glowing light when it knows you can wake up easily, without feeling tired or groggy.


The alarm also comes together with a sensor and a phone app.


You can clip the sensor onto your pillow. In the morning, it will tell you how you slept and what you can do to sleep better.


You can look for even more gadgets to help you sleep, as there are many. Would you use one from this list or would you choose something different to lull you to the dreamlands?

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