5 Fun Things To Do To Pass The Time During Covid Confinement

Instead of focusing on the long list of what you can’t do while in lockdown, it would be better to think about all the opportunities this slower lifestyle has to offer. So that you don’t worry or feel alone, use this downtime to discover new things, find the hobbies that made you happy before, and take care of yourself.

Here are our 5 ideas of things to do:

1. Learn How To Make Homemade Bread

Nothing better and soothing than the smell of baking fresh bread. But making homemade bread can be overwhelming for novice bakers, especially if you don’t even know what “yeast” means. Plus, who has time to mix everything, knead and then bake the dough? If you are already a professional, take this opportunity to learn how to bake a new type of bread, or teach your children to make it with you.

2. Organize Your Office Space At Home

With teleworking being strongly encouraged, the workspace at home becomes an important topic. Start by choosing a space (even if it’s small) dedicated entirely to your office and organize it according to your needs: buy binders for your files, put a plant on the table for decoration, and above all, get a chair. very comfortable!

3. Try Something New

Think about all the things you wanted to do but never had the time. Thanks to the internet, you can live new experiences from your sofa. Take a virtual world tour, take a history or marketing class, try your luck by visiting an online casino and play a game of poker or learn a new language using the many mobile applications.

4. Dance!

Create a new playlist with your favourite songs and invite your friends to an online dance party! You can also join sites that have recreated the club vibe and attract a huge community. If this sounds weird to you, dance on your own: no one will see you!

5. Read Feel-Good Novels

Do you need an antidote for the bad news around you? Reading will open the doors to another universe for you. Instead, opt for a feel-good novel to clear your head. They are quick to read and will help you regain the optimism we all need.

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