Free Web 2.0 List For High DA & PA DoFollow Backlinks

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What is web 2.0?

Web 2.0 are free Websites which allow users to interact and share information with each other online via a platform provided by many individuals and companies.

There are various examples of Web 2.0 some of which include sites like Tumber,Blogger, WordPress, Weebly, Wix, etc. These web 2.0 sites are very helpful in SEO as people who do SEO use these web 2.0 websites to generate quality Dofollow backlinks for their personal sites and pages in order to rank their keyword high on search engine.


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The information on the Web is never again offered just by broad communications, government, and privately owned businesses yet in addition by private people, associated through the informational systems, (for example, social locales, online journals and so forth).

Web 2.0 permits the production of online journals, wikis, media content transfer and social system destinations. Significant highlights of Web 2.0 incorporate social systems administration websites, independently publishing platforms (e.g., WordPress’ anything but difficult to-utilize blog and website creation apparatuses), “labeling” (which empowers clients to mark websites, recordings or photographs in some form), “like” buttons (which empower a client to show that they are satisfied by online substance), and social bookmarking.

Clients can give the information that is on a Web 2.0 website and exercise some control over that information.


The key features of Web 2.0

  • Free classification of information; allows users to collectively classify and find information (e.g. “tagging” of websites, images, videos or links)
  • Rich user experience – dynamic content that is responsive to user input (e.g., a user can “click” on an image to enlarge it or find out more information)
  • User participation – information flows two ways between site owner and site users by means of evaluation, review, and online commenting. Site users also typically create user-generated content for others to see (e.g., Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that anyone can write articles for or edit)
  • Software as a service (SaaS) – Web 2.0 sites developed APIs to allow automated usage, such as by an Web “app” (software application) or a mashup
  • Mass participation – near-universal web access leads to differentiation of concerns, from the traditional Internet user base (who tended to be hackers and computer hobbyists) to a wider variety of users

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