Football as an Anthroposocial Phenomenon

While no sports analyst, football commentator, as far as I know, never won the sports lottery, the following natural questions arise:

Can you predict a sporting result? Even more, does such questioning make sense?

Perhaps football is the most beautiful team sport, but beyond that it is clear that it is the most universal and the most representative. But we will try to barely touch the social, political, economic, psychological traverses, so that later the significance of the investigation can return on these aspects, which are ultimately the fundamental thing, but from outside of it.

We started with the conception of football as a complex system, an aspect that can be seen a priority as verifiable throughout the development of this sport. Now, to what extent do the latter serve as disciplines that lead to facilitating victory or predictions? How to approach the logic, the mysterious dynamics that unfold in such sublimated combat?

sports Game

We can not delve into football analysis tactics either, we do not intend to interfere in the respected roles of technicians, analysts and even some journalist, but we will nevertheless wander in that antagonism between predictability and uncertainty. The game of football as a sport and as an instance, in turn, would be a system of systems.

If we found someone who did not know what soccer is, there is no doubt what would be the answer of most of us. We would say that it is a sport, a team game, a competition, we would talk about its rules. However, how far is this from describing the multiplicity of implications and meanings that encompass men related to this activity? This is why it is quite difficult to find a definition of what football is; perhaps because the definitions do not get along well with human activities.

From the social perspective, various questions arise when perceiving what sport is as a practice or game, as a pastime or fun, and knowing everything that lies behind it; the betting sites, the violent attitudes that can trigger in extreme cases to death, as well as the expectation or euphoria that can lead to the paralysis of a whole country. It is clear that here other kinds of needs are put into play that drive the subjects to sustain and be sustained by this phenomenon.

The intention then will not be to focus on the multiplicity of social meanings that sustain football, which is also impossible to cover. But taking into account the infinity of flight lines and levels of incidence that cross it.


Football as a social hologram?

The heterogeneity of what can be extracted in this registry makes reductionist in itself any attempt to characterize or classify it. However, it should be emphasized that although we strategically suspend this level of system analysis, we can not lose sight of, not only the emergence of sport as a product and cultural producer, but also the incidence that external agents produce on the subjects participating in the game.

In relation to this, today this aspect is becoming the axis of a problem that is put on the table before the various acts of violence that are intensifying, both inside and outside the field of play, and that raises the dilemma about what direction that violence is transmitted. From a systemic perspective, it is understandable that sport, emerging from the social system, reflects characteristics of the system to which it belongs. From a dialogical perspective, the mutual implication between the two poles is glimpsed, which would allow to perceive the bidirectionality, the recursion that is played in the exchanges.

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