Finding the Right Blend of Watch for an Outfit

Men and women differ in the choices and number of watches they own. Women tend to have more options for watches stored in their wardrobe to go with a different clothing fashion compared to men.

Women’s fashion style can be like men, but women’s fashion varies from a traditional design, unconventional style, stylish fashion, creative, sensual/sexy, casual, sophisticated, rock fan, and preppy.

Men’s fashion style, on the other hand, comes with a different variation. The fashion style can be from formal, summer, casual, winter, street, swag, hip-hop, native urban, trendy, cool, skinny, jacket, sports, shorts, and weddings.

For women, a different watch style would be vital for every fashion style and every color shade of an outfit. Men, on the other hand, a single watch would go along with multiple fashion style. A diver’s watch, for example, will go along with the fashion style of summer, casual, street, sports, and shorts.

Different types of watches vary from their fashion relevance to the watch design and purpose. The main types of watches are Analog, Digital, Automatic, Chronograph, Diving, Dress, Quartz, Mechanical, Pilot, Field, Smart, and Luxury. Prices of watches differ mainly on the brand and quality. The luxury category is generally the more expensive ones like Rolex.

Black Tie Attire – Tuxedo

An event that calls for a black-tie attire is occasions like awarding ceremonies, a milestone life event (e.g., Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Debut, etc.) or a prestigious private or government events. These events are lifelong memories that require proper attire and watch combination. For such attire,  a slim and simple leather strap watch will be a perfect choice.

Business Formal Attire

This attire projects a professional expression that requires clothing to be crisp and neat without any wrinkles. The attire typically comes as a suit with a button-up collared shirt, a jacket, and a tie. Such attire is best paired with a diver or luxury watch. The use of luxury watches shall be used appropriately depending on the gatherings and personality involved.

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Casual Attire

This is considered a daily attire, an attire worn informally performing everyday errands like commuting to work or visiting a friend. The consideration of the security of the environment will depend on the type of watch one should be wearing. A digital watch like Casio is good if one is commuting in crowded places and avoid being mugged.

A smartwatch like Apple or Samsung will be a perfect choice for casual attire on the occasion that involves physical activity that someone would like to monitor his/her vital signs like heart rate, several steps, answering phone calls, reading messages, etc.


The choice of a watch to wear and to pair for a fashion or style is a personal choice. Someone may not care what fashion he is wearing but would like to use the new expensive watch he just bought from a vacation. An elderly will choose a watch out of comfort since it will be easy to read the time without pulling out their reading glasses.

In circumstances like memorable events and occasions where there are other people or critics involved, the type of watch combination is essential. We need to seek consultation from family, friends, or a fashion expert on the kind of combination of clothing and watch we are using to fit the occasion flawlessly.

Nowadays, online shopping provides a great alternative to purchasing a watch like Omega Seamaster, which may suit every fashion and occasion without hurting your wallet. One may opt to have a couple of expensive watches as a form of investment or something to pass along to family or children.

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