Top Factors to Consider When Choosing a Heavy Haul Trucking Company

Over-sized shipments like industrial machinery or construction equipment present many logistical challenges. They require special handling, state-regulated permits, and proper routing to travel safely. With the right heavy haul trucking company on your side, you can make this process easier, safer, and more convenient.

Here are some essential factors for choosing your logistics and shipping partner to transport heavy items.

Check the Permit Requirements

Before traveling, heavy haul freights require proper documentation and permits as per federal and state rules. The permits are usually issued per shipment, although the regulations may vary from one state to another. Mostly, the states outline the time of travel and operating hours for an over-sized freight in the permits.

In some states, several commodities may require a designated permit with limited validity. So, ask a trucking company about the permits they have before entrusting your precious load to them.

Ask About the Technology

Innovative technologies have made heavy hauling easier and safer. Before shipping your cargo, ask the carrier about the technology they use for their trailers and tracking system. It’s preferable to opt for a company that owns pendulum axle technology and precision steering systems that assure easy load picking and maneuvering.

A fleet with hydraulic platform trailers and motorized modules also help in hauling loads that are too big or heavy for simple trucks. Technology not only helps to operate at optimum levels for heavy hauling but also assures low costs and customization in the process.

Know About the Experience

Heavy hauling is a challenging endeavor. Here, you need the expertise of an experienced trucking company for smooth transportation. Therefore, ask the company about their experience in handling the loads, even in the most challenging conditions.

Ask if they have a disaster plan for unexpected problems and rush periods. You may also go through their referrals to know more about their reputation and capabilities. Choose a company that has been in the business for a long time with a proven track record of successful hauling across the country.

Ask About the Process

When moving valuable freight across the country, it’s essential to take necessary steps that avoid delays and breakdowns. This requires a well-planned transportation process. It starts with preparations that include the required certifications, permits, licenses, and route surveys before transporting the loads.

The heavy haul trucking companies thoroughly analyze the oversized loads before transportation for safe arrival at its destination.

Ensure Timely Delivery

On-time delivery of oversized cargo like construction equipment, cranes, or portable offices are essential to start the projects within the stipulated timeframes. You can’t afford a delay in such high-valued projects.

Working with an experienced and well-resourced trucking company ensures timely deliveries to avoid unwanted delays. It will ensure that your equipment will be delivered safely so that the project can start on-time.

In addition to these, choose a company that is closer to your office, job site, or warehouse to save time and distance while hauling. Most importantly, check the level of communication and customer service standards followed by the company before trusting them.

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