3 Top Exterior Design | Exterior Home Design Trends 2020

Properly designing your exterior is one of the biggest challenges that you, as a homeowner, will encounter when it comes to your home’s visuals. You see, the majority of interior design projects also add functionality to the place, which means that it’s quite easy to assign them a priority. It also means that it’s fairly easy to make some room in your budget for them.

On the other hand, how much time, effort and money are you ready to dedicate to the exterior of your home. Before you start looking for the exact number, let’s begin by figuring out which trends are bound to give you the most for your money’s worth.

  1. Curb appeal

Curb appeal

One of the biggest misconceptions that people make when it comes to the curb appeal is failing to understand all the elements that go into it. For instance, your driveway, fence and façade are just some of the major elements, however, there are also minor factors like a house number, a mailbox or a wreath on your front door. By improving the overall appeal of your home’s exterior, what you need to do is embrace the fact that it’s pivotal to the first impression of your home.

For instance, when it comes to your driveway (which is usually made of concrete), the best thing to do would be to apply or fix it with a concrete sealant. Next, instead of redoing the entirety of the façade, or even investing in an expensive rendering and cladding project, what you need to do is pay for a simple pressure washing session and be done with it in no time.

This way, you can rejuvenate your home in a matter of hours, instead of spending days and weeks in order to complete this expensive project. As for the details described in the previous paragraph, you really shouldn’t fixate too much on the complexity of it all.

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  1. The Outer wall and Backyard

Outer wall and Backyard

The outer wall of your home is one of the most important things when it comes to the overall visual unity between your home’s interior and exterior. Now, more often than not, it’s a common interior design tip to blend the indoors and outdoors in order to make the place look larger.

Still, those who have a transparent outer wall might soon realize that this goes both ways. You see, there are some home extensions, especially on modern homes, that are meant to weave together the interior and exterior spaces.

For this to work, you need to ensure that your backyard and your interior design blend. This is not just a problem of design but maintenance, as well. For instance, when it comes to landscaping, this is something that you can easily do once every two or even three weeks. When it comes to the interior, however, this appears a lot less frequently.

This brings us to a situation where you need to keep your place a lot neater in order not to disrupt the delicate impression that it has on the remainder of your estate. One of the ways to make this simpler is to outsource it to house cleaning services in your area.

  1. Focus on the landscape

Focus on the landscape

Perhaps the biggest problem with properly decorating your home lies in the fact that people enter the world of landscaping with so many misconceptions. For instance, they always see the garden as something green and lush with life, thus completely ignoring the existence of a Japanese Zen garden, which mostly consist of raked sand and carefully selected stones. In places where such a thing is allowed by the landscape, you can even surround your contemporary-styled home with a terrace garden, thus using every level for something new and unique. Seeing as how people often assign priority to those structures that are on the higher ground, this can put an even bigger emphasis on the home itself.

Sure, if your home is located on the main street, you might not have that much of a front yard. This means that you have to be particularly frugal and economic with the space that you do have available. First of all, you might consider using shrubs instead of trees. First of all, shrubbery takes less time to mature (a full tree might not completely mature before reaching 15 or 20 years of age). Second, the surface of your front lawn might not be that great. This robs you of one more excuse not to mow it regularly.

In conclusion

The very last thing that you need to take into consideration is the fact that there are a lot of trends in the exterior design that you need to consider before you start making your plans. Also, while we’ve already mentioned that the exterior isn’t pivotal to the overall design, the truth is that it’s crucial when it comes to the overall resale value of the place. With that in mind and without further ado, the above-listed trends are a great place for you to start making your plans.

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