Enjoy The Beauty of Nature With Camping

Let’s face it, we are living in a hi-tech world of stainless steel and concrete and this can have an impact on your health. Those who are lucky enough to live in Thailand already have access to some stunning forests and beaches and wherever you happen to live, you are not far from nature. Camping means sleeping under the stars and you won’t find a cheaper holiday than pitching your tent and with the Internet, you can find the best campsites and make a booking.

Camping Equipment

Of course, you will need a good tent, camping mattress and sleeping bag, all of which you can find at the leading Thai sports and leisure online supplier. When buying camping gear, don’t be price focused, rather look for equipment from tried and tested brands, which will stand the test of time and shopping online saves you at least 15% on the recommended retail price. You don’t need much in terms of equipment and over time, you can add to your equipment and your long weekends can be spent enjoying the wonders of nature.

Freedom & Independence

When you plan a camping trip, you are in control and you can stay as long as you wish, while there are many hiking trails for the more adventurous, where you can observe wildlife in its natural habitat. Here is a great article on what you need when you plan a camping expedition.

Make Best Use of Technology

You might not be aware that there are solar blankets you roll on your vehicle roof in the morning and connected to a lithium-iron battery, you have all the power you need for an extended camping session. LED spotlights offer low-energy illumination, with rechargeable batteries, while there are even hi-tech mozzie solutions. A Google search would help you learn about the many devices and gadgets that make camping more comfortable and they are all available from the online supplier.

National Parks in Thailand

There are more than 120 National Parks in Thailand and you can pitch your tent or stay at a 5-star resort on most, check whether your chosen park is actually open, as Covid restrictions have caused some parks to temporarily close. Explore marine parks in the south of Thailand, while the northern region of the country has rain forests and mountains that you can enjoy. If you live in Bangkok, it is easy to make a camping booking and you are only a few hours from some of the best natural environments in the world.

Pandemic Restrictions

At the time of writing this article, the pandemic is still ongoing and prior to planning any camping trip, it is essential to check with the government covid website about any travel restrictions that might be in place.

Improve your Overall Health & Well-Being

Spending time in natural surroundings has a calming effect on everyone and when you start to camp, you will notice an improvement in your health & well-being. Breathing fresh air for a few days will be a welcome change from living and working in the city and once you have all your camping equipment, you are ready to enjoy nature at any time.

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