Email Security in 2018: 3 Tips to Protect Your Company Emails

Technology has affected business in so many ways that its impossible to even list everything at this point, but not all of it has been positive though.


Just as tech has broadened the horizons of business in general - beyond what we could have ever imagined - theres always a constantly looming threat of getting hacked or infected as well.


As emails contain some of the most sensitive details in any business environment, today we are going to discuss a few ways through which you can secure your emails against cyberthreats in 2018.


Create Strong Passwords

Does it sound simplistic? Yes, it does. Does it still work?


Yes, most certainly.


Theres a reason why passwords are still used for logging into any email account and that reason is the fact that passwords can be incredibly difficult to crack, if you know how to make them so.


With the help of the following tips, you will be able to create passwords for your company emails IDs which would be near impossible to crack for any hacker out there:

  • Use random numbers and letters that do not form a coherent word
  • Use both upper and lower-case letters
  • Including special characters makes it even harder for hacking software to crack the password
  • Never use general information in your passwords such as names, nicknames, important dates, etc.
  • Keep changing them every few weeks/months



Back Up Your Data

In case of a hacked account, you will need to inform the service provider of your situation immediately, which will give them the authority to delete all the emails or the account itself to keep the data from falling into the wrong hands.


However, you will lose all emails if they do that, which could be catastrophic in some situations as well.


This is why it is always better to back up your important emails in advance, which in itself, is a continuous process.


Besides, having a local copy of all your emails at hand will mean that even if you change the email service, start a new company or shift to a new job, you will have all the necessary info with you to access whenever you want.


Use Two-Tier Login Authentication

Using two-tier authentication means that in the off chance that someone does manage to hack your secured password, they will not be able to do anything, until and unless they put in the secondary authentication details, which would involve a PIN number, or an OTP sent to your registered mobile number or a security question with a customized answer.


It is now the standard in almost all online financial transactions and can be incorporated to protect company documents and emails as well.


Aside from the three we just discussed, theres another all-important measure that business owners need to employ here, which is the act of educating all the employees with basic training for cybersecurity.


The more they know, the better your company will be protected from external threats.

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