Effective Tactics for Link Building That You Must Know

Link building is a crucial part of SEO strategy. Link building helps you to generate huge traffic inflow to your website.

It requires some essential tactics to build an effective link and a lack of an effective link-building tactic is what makes most companies fail to generate enough traffic on their website.

In this article, we will be discussing some essential tactics for effective link building.

5 Link Building Tactics Working Great in 2021

1. Outreach

When you reach out to your audience and make them familiar with your products or services it is called outreach and it is a very essential part of an effective link-building strategy. You do not necessarily require content for this, what you need is something worthy of a link, it can be your product, service, your brand, etc. You can use blog posts, infographics, etc to reach out to people and inform them about your domain and about the products and services that you offer. But before doing this you must figure out your audience to whom you will reach out.

2. Guest Blogging

One of the oldest tactics for link building is guest blogging. According to Forbes, guest blogging is an excellent method of enhancing search engine results and marketing professionals are well accustomed to the benefits of guest blogging. So, what guest blogging is? In guest blogging, you write articles for other websites of your domain which they publish and you link to your website using that article.

3. Broken Link Building

This step uses dead links to connect to your website. Find any relevant dead links on a website, create content that is similar to the resource of the broken link, and then link your active resource with that dead link.

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4. Unlinked Mentions

Sometimes people mention your business in your article but they do not link it to your website and this may happen more than a hundred times. You might ask what the advantage of this point is if those mentions don’t link to your website. Well, just think, people, are mentioning your business in their posts because they are already familiar with your business. So, you may contact them and convince them to convert those mentions into links directing to your websites.

5. Stealing Links 

You might have seen content on web pages that are not worthy of being linked. For example, you have come across a worthless post on ‘the benefits of keyword research in SEO’ which has a huge number of backlinks and at the same time, you have content on the same topic on your website which is far better than that. In such cases, you can introduce your content to the webpage owner and convince them to link it to your website. But before that, you need to find some good amount of inferior content for stealing the links.


These are the tactics that can be helpful to you for link building. Some tactics may prove to be more effective for a particular site so you need to figure out which one is best applicable for you.

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