Disney Also Joins the Bid on Buying Twitter

Last Friday the actions of Twitter shot up by 20%. A reaction in the stock market caused by the explicit interest of Google to acquire the microblogging network. However, the blue bird has been more suitors.


According to BloombergWalt Disney Co is interested in bidding for the acquisition of Twitter and would be evaluating an offer under the recommendations of a financial advisor.


For more than a year it has been speculated that Google will be done with Twitter.


A purchase that would kill two birds with one stone. Last Friday the rumors on this important transaction intensified, although other companies would also have had an eye on the social network. One of those was Salesforce. com , which would be added according to the latest Microsoft reports and Verizon’s own American telecom.


Disney shows interest in Twitter

If there were few brides for Twitter, today comes to light thanks to Bloomberg that Disney also values ​​to be owned with the services of Twitter.


The news has transpired after it was known that the conglomerate of firms behind Walt Disney Co is setting up a firm offer with the help of a financial advisor.


There are no details of it, but everything seems to indicate that soon we could know all the details of the proposal.


Twitter Bidding


A strategic movement that gives value to the operation

And what would be the interest that Disney can have in acquiring Twitter?


The truth is that the transaction would be placed as a strategic manoeuvre very much in line with all the movements that its CEO has made since taking command of the company.


We must remember that Bob Igner himself is behind the agreements to acquire Pixar and other agreements with media and streaming video platforms such as Netflix & Hulu.


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With Twitter in its power, Disney would enhance its ability to distribute its multimedia content, its core business.


Interestingly, the current CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, belongs to the board of Disney, which is an important factor when it comes to negotiations between the two companies.

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