American Seats – Premium Discount Rush for Baltimore Orioles MLB Tickets

They say that when it’s a gold rush, sell shovels and for what I have known Major League Baseball matches, it is all a ticket rush and some people, organizations and websites have the audacity to capitalize on people’s love for baseball and their favorite teams, and their habit of getting tickets in eleventh hour.

Call it whatever you might want to call it, but it is unfair. Just because someone did not have the time to arrange tickets at cheap price and just because they are willing to pay a good amount to enjoy a Baltimore Orioles game, it does not mean that you can exploit their situation.



This is what most of the websites and off-market sellers do and live off of. They do not care about how much you love baseball and they will try to make a fortune out of it.

So much so, that MLB itself urges you to pay for the season plan and not for a single important match that you simply do not afford to miss. So, you end up paying from $199 to as much as $1,332 and that too for an upper reserve seat.


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If you move to other categories such as terrace box, you might end up paying double the price even though terrace box is a not a premium seating area. Isn’t this unfair to charge an Orioles fan this high only because they want to see their favorite team in action?

Yes it is. All you need sometimes, since you cannot save time for all games, to see one special game and for that it is a big injustice if they charge you too much. Even if you are the kind of loyal Orioles fan who would go for all the games to support the Orioles, you should not have to pay a fortune to book tickets for all games.



Let us discuss this in a bit detail and with a different perspective. MLB official site has not only made it difficult for the old and special people to pay the price for the expensive games that they want to enjoy, but the login process is also not an easy one.

Making account on MLB website, getting registered, keeping track of tickets and payments is not the way American public used to do the tickets. There is no doubt that the youngsters may enjoy this process and it is because they are internet savvy.



Old and mentally challenged people, not to mention those who are not internet literate, cannot easily manage and track their tickets on MLB. This then leads them to the websites or off-market sellers who claim to sell Cheap Baltimore Orioles MLB tickets, while actually they sell them at expensive rates or more or less the same rate than any other such seller will offer.

Being a war veteran and an old man in his 60s I do not know much about how to book tickets online, keep track of the dates and handle stuff and this led me to; yes it is just another website, but perhaps the easiest tickets booking set up and the most affordable Orioles MLB tickets selling place. Try it to believe it!

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