7 Reasons that Dedicated Web Servers are Good for Business

Online presence for business and organization is important these days. People are always online; holding their phone, and frequently check almost everything online. So every company or business should take advantage of this by creating website that is easily searchable and earn profit from it.


In order to maintain their online presence, it is essential that they invest in a proper web server. With dedicated web servers, they will have more power and control over their website and its function. The business has exclusivity of using the server’s resources including the CPU, RAM, and disk space that they need.


Below are the amazing reasons

Why dedicated web servers are good investment for any business or organization:


  • Offers full resources

When you opt for dedicated web server for your business, you will be able to get the full resources of a single server. In this way, you will not worry about clogging up the server’s CPU and RAM. Your hosting provider will ensure that bad scripts or increased in bandwidth usage will not result in downtime.

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  • Provide better performance

If you own a dedicated server, it means you are exclusive to its usage and no one else. It will perform quickly and more efficiently compared to shared hosting or even a cloud-based option. You will have an efficient storage because dedicated web server is a high-performing solution for your business.


  • Becomes profit-oriented

Because the dedicated server acts fast, your profit will surpass the overhead costs. Since you have fast hosting server, it gives you the desire speed for web loading and the content will show accordingly. This is true especially for online shopping websites. The longer those potential users browse the site without interruption, the bigger chance you get a profit from them.


  • Gives improved security

Online businesses should always rely on the high importance of security for its data and client information. Keep in mind that using shared hosting means you are prone to security breaches, virus attacks, and hacks.

If you select dedicated web server, it will ensure optimal security for the website and all the information stored on it. Moreover, you can receive regular maintenance and security upgrades.

You can sleep at night knowing that your company is fully protected.


  • Easy customization option

Customization is another advantage of getting dedicated web server. You can run shell scripts, add applications, cron jobs, and more. These activities are not available on shared web hosting.

You can always choose any software you want to include in the website. Moreover, you can pick the type of operating system you need and various custom programming options.

You have the full control on what to do and not to your online business. You would be able to design the way you want or depending on the needs of your website.


  • Has a unique IP address

You will have your own unique IP address when using dedicated web server unlike with shared hosting. This is effective for e-commerce site that handles large client database and products. It has SSL for credit card processing, which is important for online business.


  • No extra overhead expenses for hardware

If you have a dedicated server, the company need not worry about the cost of building and maintaining server equipment because the dedicated hosting will handle all of it. In this way, the business will be able to reduce its overhead expenses of buying server space and improving the return of investment.

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