Cycling – A Way To Improve Fitness and Increase Savings

Cycling around town is becoming more popular now as people are realizing the benefits of this simple but efficient mode of transport.

Cycling – A Refreshing Transit Option

From negotiating traffic jams to working up that cardio, there are many reasons why one should adopt the cycle more in today’s lifestyle.

Multiple Health Benefits

  • Cycling will improve fitness – that is common knowledge.
  • Using a cycle to travel to work and back will come under exercise, saving some time which would have otherwise been spent on the gym’s treadmill.
  • This helps add more space to people’s schedules.
  • Cycling, when compared to jogging, is easier on the knee joints while burning approximately the same number of calories.
  • Some of the health benefits of cycling include improved cardio-vascular strength, increase in aerobic capacity, lowering of blood pressure, muscle gain and better coordination.
  • A good workout is also mentally and emotionally rejuvenating and contributes positively to the lifestyle of the person.

Increased Savings

Cycling will help in saving money too. Cab fares and fuel prices are continuously on the rise and so are other costs. Cycling is the cheapest mode of transport.

Whether one buys a cycle or uses a bicycle rental or sharing service, the immediate and long-term costs are lesser than a motor vehicle or public transport. Extra savings are always welcome, especially when they can happen with a decision as simple as cycling to work.

Environmental Responsibility

Cities across India are now facing the serious consequences of air pollution. The carbon footprint of the average citizen has risen and this can only lead to precarious circumstances. A significant number of people in major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Kolkata are countering this with a collective effort by using cycles more often. With no emissions, the humble cycle can be one of the major solutions to combat air pollution.

Fun and Efficient

A cycle allows for more exploration. Narrow alleyways and small streets are not out of reach when one is travelling on two wheels. Cycle tours are becoming popular as they allow the participant to experience his or her city from a different perspective. It can be a pleasant weekend activity with friends.

Traffic jams are the bane of India’s fast-developing cities. A cycle allows the rider to progress when there is no space for bigger vehicles to move. With a cycle, one can also choose shortcuts more freely. Cycles are not very heavy and can be carried over small obstacles. Parking a cycle is also not such a hassle as parking a car at peak hours.

One does not need to invest in a cycle to join this two pedalled revolution. Renting a bicycle online on new platforms like Pedl is very easy. There are cycle stations located in convenient spots in the city and one just needs to unlock a cycle using a QR code after necessary payments have been made.

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