Could Marijuana Be An Antibiotic Of The Future?

Researchers have proven that marijuana could be an effective antibiotic treatment. This is a bold statement given the fact that marijuana is considered illegal in most countries.

Yet, it is effective as an antibiotic, and it is not currently a controlled substance and has very low health risks, making it seem even more appealing.

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Marijuana is a natural compound found in plants. It has many uses, both medicinal and recreational. It has been used for centuries as a medicinal plant. It is often recommended to those with sore muscles or arthritis.

This is because it has natural anti-inflammatory properties.

It also reduces swelling and helps to protect the joints. Since this has been medically proven, it is important to contact your doctor before using any medicinal marijuana.

Is Marijuana A Potential Antibiotic?

Scientists have studied the benefits of marijuana in the laboratory. They have found that strains within the cannabis plant have different characteristics that lead to different effects. Some strains are known to produce a chemical called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, which has some solid psychotropic qualities, and others show no effects whatsoever.

Yet another strain of cannabis called Lactobacillus is known to have some antibiotic qualities.

These studies have led scientists to believe that certain strains within the cannabis plant can work as antibiotics.

How Will Medical Marijuana Work As An Antibiotic?

Now let us look at how this might work. When medical marijuana is used in its purest form, it only contains the active ingredient known as THC. However, it has been growing strains within the plant that contain another substance called CBD or cannabidiol.

What makes CBD so unique is that it does not induce the same physical dependency as THC. Therefore, it is a safer type of medicine than the original marijuana, which is still highly addictive. Furthermore, it does not cause the same psychological dependency which other drugs such as alcohol have.

The discovery would seem to indicate that some strains of cannabis can function as an anti-inflammatory. It would therefore be helpful for those who suffer from arthritis.

It is possible that this could be just the first step towards using marijuana as a viable treatment for medical conditions and some types of diseases. It is also worth remembering that the future may not be what we imagine it to be.

The future may very well bring with it the possibility of more powerful and effective forms of medicine.

However, even if this does prove to be the case, it would only be a good thing as far as medicinal properties are concerned. It would still be quite hard to develop an antibiotic that could impact as efficiently as a marijuana strain that is already powerful enough.

It is estimated that these strains can create millions of protective cells, and they are known to create strains that can affect many different infections.

Therefore, it is safe to say that they could potentially work as an adequate replacement for antibiotics in the future.

So, Could Marijuana Be An Antibiotic of The Future?

This is a question that can be answered in two ways. One would be if it were discovered in its natural state; yes, it would be. Secondly, it would be if it was found in one of the strains which have been hybridized.

This would make it far more likely that scientists would have access to many more strains.

There are currently many strains of marijuana that scientists in the laboratory have created. If it were possible to find an adequate replacement for antibiotics, it would be fantastic news as scientists would then have the ability to create a vast range of different medicines which people could take advantage of.

It would also mean that there would be a vastly lower need for antibiotics than we currently use. Although it would still be a great deal safer not to smoke weed, it may be worth considering if this could be done as a way of avoiding getting sick.

However, it is essential to note that if a person decides to take medicinal marijuana for medicinal purposes, it is essential to talk to a doctor and get proper assessments.

The doctor will also guide you on what way is best for medicinal marijuana intake.

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