6 Company Swag Ideas Your Employees Will Appreciate

Whether you own a company or you’re a manager at someone else’s company, engaging and interacting with the employees is vital to ensuring the business’s success. When you have happy employees, they do their jobs better and ultimately lead to a better business performance overall. But it can be hard to interact with employees, no matter what company you’re in charge of.

So how exactly can we get the employees more involved? Swag bags are a great opportunity for your employees to enjoy the place they’re working while also letting them know they’re appreciated. Here are six company swag ideas that your employees will appreciate.

1. Office Supply Swag

One of the best ideas for a swag bag is one that contains office supplies, especially if your employees work at desks in an office. You can give them these supplies and office equipment to show them you care by making their work lives more convenient. You can include things like laptop cases, coffee mugs, pens, stationery supplies with printed logos of your company on them, and even desktop fans. If you’re feeling generous, maybe even consider giving them customizable business cards to increase their work success.

2. Wine Swag

For those of you that are trying to let your employees know you care about them and want them to relax, consider a wine swag bag. Obviously recommended for employees over 21, a wine bag can let your workers know that you appreciate their hard work. You can include items like bottles of wine with customized labels on them, corkscrews, and even wine glasses with logos on them. Additionally, you can provide them with a snack in the wine swag bag as well. Stick to things that pair well with wine, like cheese and crackers.

3. Beach Day Swag

For companies that offer paid time off or similar vacation days, maybe consider gifting out beach day swag bags. You can gift them beach balls with related logos and even a beach towel with the company’s name on it. In addition to that, you can include sunglasses, sandals or an umbrella. These are a great way to promote your company, as your employees will be using these products while they’re out at the beach for others to see your company’s logo.

4. Movie Day Swag

If you have employees that love the movies or like watching TV, you can send out a move day swag bag. You can include snacks like popcorn and candy in the bag along with some DVDs or gift cards for movie-streaming websites. You can also throw in a blanket or cozy socks for them to get comfortable while watching movies.

5. Wellness Swag Bag

Especially now with Covid-19 going around, everyone has their health in mind. You can benefit from this by introducing swag bags to your employees. This shows that you not only care about their health and well-being but that they’re appreciated because of the care you have in sending the free bags out. You can have a printed logo on the wellness bag itself, either promoting your business or with a nice message on it.

Inside the bag, you can include things like a mask or two, hand sanitizer, portable tissues, and even snacks and drinks. You can also include small bottles of vitamins or candles for reducing stress.

6. Sweet Treats Swag

Lastly, there’s nothing better than getting sweets for free. You can show your employees you appreciate their hard work by rewarding them with a swag bag of sweet treats. Given the wide range of options regarding treats on the market, you have a variety to choose from. There are snacks like cookies and chips, jelly beans, graham crackers, and even packaged drinks like hot chocolate. You can also include an assortment of chocolate bars or chocolate-covered nuts.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, ensuring your employees are happy can be difficult, but it’s one of the most important things for a business. Your employees are essentially the heart of the company, directly interacting with your customers. So make sure to consider each of these swag bag ideas to maybe introduce at your next party or event. You have unlimited options, but these are a great place to start.

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