Clone iPhone Or Say Duplicate iPhone Are Cheap But Not TrustWorthy

iPhone X Priced at Rs.6,500. Really?

Apple is very secretive for a reason. That’s because rivals do much better selling knockoffs. iPhone X’s price being over-the-top this time isn’t alluring the loyal fans much. Giving neck-to-neck competition to this model is the GooPhone! It looks so similar to the iPhone X that you can hardly spot a difference. The company, Apple however failed this time to impress users. Paying such a heavy amount for such a phone isn’t worth the deal at all.

iPhone x replica

Say hi to GooPhone X. GooPhone is a Chinese brand that makes knockoffs of premium devices. So if you can’t afford a premium high-end device, go for a GooPhone. This time it has managed to clone the iPhone X even before its launch. This is the GooPhone I8 (GooPhone X).

replica iPhone x

GooPhone has cleverly lifted the design of the iPhone X for their device. And even better, it runs on Android. So it’s like an Android OS in an Apple clone. What it features? It has a 5.5-inch edge-to-edge display, MediaTek MTK6580 chip, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal memory, and a 720×1280 HD display.

Checkout The Video Of Unboxing Of A Replica iPhone X


It displays a fake 4G LTE status indicators while only providing 3G service, and shows 64GB of memory when it only has 16 (though you can add a memory card). It runs on Android 5.0 when it shows Android 7.0. It is actually a better bet if you can’t pour big bucks for the iPhone 7.

Clone iPhone

The camera is 8MP rear and 2MP front. A pretty cheap budget phone with no guarantee. Nobody knows how long will it run. But if you want to show-off an iPhone X, you can get the clone at a very cheap price of Rs. 6,500 or $100. Pretty good deal right?

For more details, you can check out one of its models here:

It’s a pretty smart phone with decent features at a very cheap price. Go get one GooPhone if you wish to own an iPhone like device. Just make sure you don’t let anyone close enough to inspect your prized “iPhone”.

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