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While it is a matter of choice when it comes to choosing the kind of policy that you would like to use for insurance cover for your car, the decent needs to be taken prudently.


By opting for only third party cover you will be compliant with the law but if you end up being in some kind of an incident as a result of negligence of others, you will still end up having to spend money from your pocket.


And the amount that is paid towards repairs sometimes be a lot more than what you have saved by opting for a basic plan. It is therefore necessary to ensure that you take a policy after carefully taking into consideration all the different aspects.


Best Options To Reduce Premium Amount

If you are desirous of reducing the premium amount payable, you can consider other options including the passing of a higher driving test.


This is a good option to keep your premium low by proving superior driving skills, as right pointed out by Money Expert Car insurance. Car insurance premium calculations involve various details for arriving at the premium amount.


You can also look at investing in the installation of safety devices for your car either on or off the road. All of these options can be used in combination to considerable bring down the premium payment.


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Annual Payments – A Great Option To Reduce Premium

Payment of annual premiums is another good option that you can seriously consider. Not only will it help to keep your premiums low it will also help to reduce the hassles of having to make frequent payments within a specified time limit.


With an annual premium payment you will make one payment in a year and be done with the task.


This will also a new a reasonable discount which will certainly go a long way in combination with other methods which you can employee to reduce the premium payment amount.


Carefully Consider Voluntary Excess Payments

Voluntary excess adjustment can also be an option that you can consider for keeping the amount low.


However, you need to be aware that this option will expose you to a possibility of having to spend more money from your pocket for any repair in the event of any untoward incident involving your car.


This is an option which you can exercise if you are confident that you will not be facing any kind of problems and that you are only looking at meeting regulatory and compliance requirements.


The system is quite simple – you get to pay lesser premium all the time but in the event of any accident or incident you will have to pay a part or most of the claimed amount.


Many younger drivers of cars but sometimes feel that they are at a distinct disadvantage because premium calculation also involved the age factor. Insurance companies typically consider younger drivers as inter results with higher risk levels. The same also applies for new car drivers.

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