Can A Psychic Tell You That Someone Loves You?

There are some people amongst us who have the power to sense others’ energies and their aura. They have the ability to read others’ minds and forecast the future. This happens because they can perceive what the rest of us cannot. Psychics are either born with such super-natural powers or they inculcate these.

If you can find an experienced and competent psychic he may be able to read your aura.

This refers to the energies surrounding you and this can give the psychic information about your physical and emotional state, thoughts that are traveling through your mind, and how these are impacting you. In the same way, the psychic can also see the fate of those around you who you may be close to.

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One of the most commonly-asked questions to a psychic is whether the person you love loves you back or not. Love questions are hard to answer because the psychic will have to interpret through your energies alone.

He may end up feeling empathetic towards his client and this can block his intuitive feelings from catching what is really at hand. Whether someone has actually found his soul mate or not is something that a psychic may not be able to answer with a direct “yes” or “no”.

This is because when a psychic offers a love reading, he is working on information that the client offers him. So, if the client himself is confused, the psychic will automatically be tapping into this uncertainty and confusion. The answers may be a tad confusing initially. Another thing to consider is the psychic’s ability to deliver bad news.

Sometimes the psychic may not be good at this and debates whether to tell his client the truth. This is a tricky situation for the reader because like any good reader he will want his client to feel stronger and more empowered after a session.

So, if a psychic can see that his client is hurt and weeping, he will tap into that energy to an extent that he starts feeling it in his own heart. Then it becomes rather difficult for him to share the bad news with his client.

Being able to tell a client if the person he likes actually loves him or not may be possible, but for a psychic it takes many years of training. The psychic has to make himself strong enough and become neutral; he cannot afford to take sides or offer biased opinions. Even if the truth is painful for the client to hear, he has to share it with his client.

Initially the psychic may feel that this news that he has delivered will add more pain to his client’s life, but the truth is that his news can throw light on a situation that had been the cause of much pain and uncertainty in his client’s life.

He actually helps one start his or her mourning process and get the strength to move on if there is no future for the relationship. A good psychic will never offer you comforting answers just to make you happy because he knows that this will keep you tied to a relationship that has no future.

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