Buying Guide for New Yamaha Niken and Aftermarket Parts

Yamaha has turned the 3-wheeled sports bike dreams of its fans into reality with its new amazing looks.

In addition to its impressive look and fork head, the Niken has an amazing front axle which is supposed to offer more stability.

Moreover, to maintain a riders balance on the Niken, Japanese engineers have particularly developed their LNW technology (leaning multi wheel) already used on the Tricity 125.

By equipping the Niken with the new tilt system (where each wheel of the front axle draws a circle of the same radius, to compensate for the lack of differential), the ride is all set to win the hearts of both returning and potential customers.

Also, both arms of the ride are equipped with a reversible fork, which is adjustable in compression and relaxation, while the damper is fully adjustable.

In addition, Yamaha has favoured a rather narrow track width on the three-wheelers segment: 410 mm, separating the two front wheels of the Niken.

For the rest, the Niken sports a degree of inclination of 45 ° which, with the wheels of 15 inches, would ensure a good performance curve.

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At engine level, the 847cc three-cylinder engine is equipped with a specific cartography, which is designed to “optimize the approval on mountain roads“. 

Once the driver is seated on the saddle, the weight distribution would be perfectly balanced between the front and rear.

Another great benefit of owning the Yamaha Niken is the relatively inexpensive cost of its replacement parts. It is quite cheap to replace or customize the ride with aftermarket and OEM bike parts.

If you’re planning to buy the new Yamaha Niken or a part in the aftermarket, here is a bit of

Information to guide your purchase.

Technical Specifications for the Yamaha Niken

  • Multi-wheel technology with tilt system
  • Large angle of inclination of up to 45 degrees
  • Ackermann steering with double upside-down fork
  • Hybrid frame made of steel and aluminium, with aluminium swingarm
  • Weight distribution front / rear of about 50:50 with risen driver
  • Liquid cooled 3 cylinder DOHC CP3 engine with 847 cc displacement with 115 hp and 87.5 Nm
  • Two 15-inch front wheels (120/70 R 15) with a track width of 410 mm, 17-inch rear wheel with 190/55 R 17 tires
  • Cruise control – at speeds over 50 km / h
  • Traction control with 2 modes and shutdown mode
  • Anti-hopping clutch for greater stability when downshifting
  • QSS – Quick shift system for up shifts without clutch control
  • Compact cockpit with LCD display
  • 18 litre aluminium fuel tank
  • Fully adjustable rear suspension
  • Double disc brake 265.6 mm front, disc brake 298 mm rear
  • 12 V socket
  • Total length 2,150 mm
  • Seat height 820 mm
  • Wheelbase 1,510 mm
  • Width 885 mm

Aftermarket parts

Here are some of the aftermarket Yamaha motorcycle parts you might find handy for your Yamaha Niken

  • OEM Mini Emblem
  • OEM Ftc5288 thrust washer
  • Pressure sensor on power supply replaces 8200225971
  • ERR3340C – Oil filter
  • Brake Rotor
  • High Flow Air Filters
  • ATV Starters
  • Electric Stator
  • Clutch Plates
  • Radiator Guide
  • Conversion Chain

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