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Currently, Instagram has acquired an added dimension other than being a social platform to share fashion, brunch, or destination pictures. There’s more to it than just connecting with known faces and sharing amazing stories. Today, several brands and companies have opened an Instagram business account to strengthen their brand image, add value to their brand awareness programs, and participate in social media promotion campaigns. That is not all. Today, Instagram is a hub of creative people who are graphic artists, website designers, and digital art professionals.

Do you want your Instagram profile to garner maximum views? If yes, it is necessary to seek inspiration from these artists and add aesthetic value to your Instagram graphic design and layout. People who want to up their Instagram game should consider this an important step other than purchasing Instagram followers.

Buy Real Instagram Followers

Do you want to buy real Instagram followers? If yes, you can count on professional service providers who can help you do so within a cost-effective budget. Here you can select your follower count and decide on when to buy the same. If you are new to Instagram, it is wise to purchase a reasonable follower count than buying excess followers, which might raise suspicion amongst the other online users and customers. You can keep adding followers as you progress with your online brand awareness and promotion campaigns. It will help you to add more mileage to your business account and brand gradually.

Getting back to following creative people on Instagram, it’s smart to pursue graphic design or art professionals. These creative people have artistic posts that can spark up several inspirational ideas for your business.

Some of the Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Graphic Design Are:

1. Tania Samoshkina (telinunu)

She is a reputed illustrator and professional artists in New York and has six years of professional experience. The artist is known for her exclusive designs for clients who showcase her creative sense of joy and playfulness. She specializes in print design, character design, logotypes, and surface patterns. You can find samples of all these variants in her posts. Tania has a blend of cartoon-like characters that she blends into real settings. Her style is simple, and she focuses on unusual details that add life to her cartoon characters. It’s both inspiring and fun to watch her feed. At times she makes an appearance in her posts as well.

2. Ashwin Kandan (Shwin)

Do you want inspiration in editorial design, pop art, typography, illustration, and branding? If yes, then Ashwin Kandan’s Instagram account is worth following. Here you will come across exciting color palettes and bold visuals depicting unique ideas and concepts. The artist adds his distinctive sense of humor to the mix of aesthetic posts as well. His creations are bold and fun and have a fun way to communicate the brand message and concept, which the audience will remember for a long time.

3. Andreas M Hansen (ndreasmhansen)

Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, this artist is a self-taught and trained calligraphist. Andreas M Hansen also specializes in art direction, web design, and creates a unique brand identity. He has a huge follower base on Instagram. The artist is known for his unique minimalist approach in art, from which you can take ample inspiration.

4. Gabriela Alemparte (gaap.dg)

Gabriela is a freelance graphic designer and belongs to Caracas, Venezuela. When you browse through her Instagram account, you will find exciting samples of videos, graphic illustrations, videos of her projects, and many more. The artists count on imagination and real-life objects for the creations and showcase the same on Instagram. There are concepts of animals and persons that Gabriela experiments with and shares on her Instagram profile.

5. Mike Perry (mikeperrystudio)

This artist is known for a riot of colors on Instagram, such as psychedelic animation and handcrafted type creations. You will find some of Comedy Central’s sitcom Broad City works, which is stunning, animated typography with several characters.

6. Timothy Goodman (timothygoodman)

Timothy Goodman is based in New York and is known for his diverse talents reflected in the Instagram posts. The artist did a collaboration work with Target and other projects.

7. Jon Contino (joncontino)

This artist is known for several trades. He had self-dubbed as an ‘Alphastructaesthetitologist.’ It is a term that Jon Contino created to explain his multiple works as an apparel designer, branding consultant, illustrator, and artist. To sum up, he does everything and excels in it all. You should explore through his Instagram post for creative inspiration from all fields and use it for your social media strategy.

These are some of the best and famous artists that graphic designers and other brands should follow for inspiration and motivation. From designing a brand logo to shaping a social media campaign, these artists can inspire you in all your Instagram based activities.

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