Budget 2018 – No Relief For Middle Class | Twitter Went On Fire

The trending news in the world right now is all about the Budget 2018.

The Twitterati vented out their disappointment as Finance Minister Arun Jaitley did not declare tax break in individual income for salaried class.

Be that as it may, the chief alleviation was the standard reasoning of Rs 40,000 for salaried workers instead of transport and therapeutic expense.


Details of Budget 2018

Arun Jaitley stated, “Government has rolled out numerous constructive improvements in the individual income charge rates pertinent to people over the most recent three years, along these lines, I don’t wish to roll out any improvements to this.”

Arun Jaitley

Before long, twitterati communicated their displeasure regarding the anti-middle class budget. They passed on that middle-class is being made the substitute for professional poor/populist budget.


Some of the tweets are given below

“Nothing for the salaried class who have supported bjp. Being a bjp supporter, most noticeably sad to hear this news. Can’t process. @narendramodiIs this what you give to the ones who have supported you day in and out?


Dear Nota: I’m taking a gander at you in next races. #Budget2018

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“Middle class left without a friend in the world as Arun Jaitley strolls monetary tightrope #Budget2018 #MiddleClass #UnionBudget2018,”


“Nothing for the middle class.Only for Honorable president, representative and regarded Lok Sabha individuals.”


  • “Are the urban middle-class salaried representatives are destined to pay charges? Govt isn’t leaving a solitary source by which we can spare the income. #LTCGTax.”
  • “We middle-class ppl should influence a group n to take the pledge to not to vote as none of the administration is occupied with giving benefits to us but…..Yes exacting more expense to us in each budget #Budget2018.”
  • “Corporate administration class – the mighty citizens by a method for TDS – being burglarised off once more, as normal no reprieve..all benefits on the plate for the individuals who have to assess investment funds opportunities..middle n benefit class need to hold up under the brunt.”
  • “Middle Class especially Salaried individuals who contribute most extreme to the development of the country again overlooked in #Budget2018.”

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