Booker POS Is the Top Choice for Salons and Spas

Point of sale software has made it easier for so many different businesses to conduct work. In particular, Booker POS offers various advantages to companies, and it is easy to see why salons and spas have adopted it with such enthusiasm. Booker allows these businesses to remain efficient by handling billing, payment, booking, and marketing and so much more all in one software. These are just a few of the reasons why salons and spas love this software.

It Makes It Easy To Schedule Appointments

People tend to book salon appointments while they are on the go. You need a system that allows people to access your scheduling page from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. From there, consumers can find an array of options of what to book. They can schedule the exact time they want to come in and know precisely how long the treatment will take. A basic blowout may only take one hour, but a double process to lighten hair could take up to 150 minutes.

Your staff will know exactly how long they will need to spend with a person, so there is a reduced risk of your employees being double-booked. Your customers do not have to wait, and your workers can better plan their shifts.

You Can Better Manage Sales Data

When you get the Booker software through a site like Merchant Solutions, you can expect various benefits. One of the best for employers is the knowledge you will not have to spend hours sorting through sales data. The software does it all, and you can see exactly what services sell well and which ones do not.

With this data, you may need to make adjustments to how you sell. Perhaps your prices are higher than nearby salons. It is possible you do not offer the right services to the demographics that tend to frequent your spa. You can adjust your services as necessary so that you do not stock supplies that never get used.

You Can Build a Customer Loyalty Program

All companies rely on return business for most of their revenue. You need customers to return to your salon time and time again to really drive sales. You can thank these customers for frequenting your business by establishing a customer loyalty program. After spending a certain amount of money or coming in for a set number of visits, your loyal customers can enjoy discounts and perks. The return business more than makes up for what you spend on the promotion.

With Booker POS, it is easy to create these kinds of programs. Customers can easily check in and pay through the hardware, so the system keeps track of when a discount is owed. All your customers have to do is input their phone number or email address. Additionally, you can use this contact information to set up an email list or text blast to alert customers of when special promotions are going on. Everything is handled on one system, which results in less work for you to do. Purchase the POS software and hardware you need today so that your salon can start thriving.

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