Top Rated Body Fat Scales for Home Bathroom Review

Your standard weight scales are telling you that your diet is working. But your mirror is telling you otherwise. You aredefinitely losing some weight, but your body fat doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. How can you tell for sure? That’s where body fat scales can help you.

What Body Fat Scales Are:

Body fat scales help you to estimate whether your weight loss is happening at the expense of fat stores. Using the technique of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), body fat scales predict your body fat percentage. How exactly does it work, though?

A small and harmless electrical current pass through your body. It passes slower through the fat tissue than through the muscle tissue. As a result, you receive an accurate estimation of how much of your body weight is made of fat.

Benefits of Using Body Fat Scales:

Body fat scales have a lot to offer in comparison to other body fat measurement techniques and tools:

  • Affordability:

Hiring a fat loss professional to determine your body fat percentage with fat calipers provides a more accurate estimation. But not everyone can afford the luxury of relying on such a method of body fat measurement. As for body fat scales, most of them cost less than $100 and you only invest in them once.

  • Safety:

Advanced body fat measurement procedures such as dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, known as DEXA scans, expose you to unnecessary radiation. Due to this, you can not rely on them as often as you want to track your fat loss. With body fat scales, you can track fat loss as often as you want without endangering your body.

  • Comfort:

Body fat measurement with the help of fat calipers or DEXA scans always requires a professional to perform them. While some people may be okay with this, others may not be as comfortable with this factor. Body fat scales allow you to estimate your body fat percentage from the comfort of your own home.

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How to Use Body Fat Scales

When using body fat scales to monitor your fat loss progress, follow these tips to keep your measurements accurate:

  • Clean and dry your foot pads thoroughly before each measurement.
  • Keep room temperature similar every time you measure.
  • Measure yourself at the same time of the day.
  • Drink similar amount of water within an hour before each measurement.
  • Avoid measurements immediately after any form of exercise or when dehydrated.
  • Buy the highest quality body fat scales you can afford.

Body Fat Scales: A Simple and Reliable Way to Track Your Fat Loss

Body fat scales are not as precise as fat calipers or DEXA scans and it is okay. No single body fat measurement method is completely precise and all are predictions at best. With body fat scales, you can predict your body fat percentage with decent accuracy right at home. And you can do so without breaking your budget or your health.

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