5 Best Ways & Positions to Sleep | Best Side Sleeper Pillow

Sleeping better does not just depend on how comfortable your room is. It does not even depend on the calmest music or calming your mind. How you position your body on the bed will greatly affect your sleep.

So is there any right position that is best for sleeping?

Yes, there is, and that is side sleeping.

In so many ways side sleeping is one of the best position for sleeping. But the problem is many of us might already be sleeping on the side but not in the right way. So here we are to learn more about how to sleep on your side the right way without disturbance and why side sleeping is considered so much better as well.

Benefits of side sleeping:

Many scientists have stated that sleeping on your stomach will hamper your health. So

If you are someone who sleeps on any position other than side sleep, you may as well rethink about your sleeping position right now. Let’s learn more about what the benefit of side sleeping is.

  • Sleeping on your left side reduces acid reflux so you will feel Less heartburn
  • When we sleep on the side, it is in favor of gravity to digest food better.
  • It Improves brain health as well
  • Sleeping on the side helps the brain to clean toxins and let you wake up with a fresh headspace.
  • Sleeping on the side helps in driving away amyloid beta from the brain more efficiently.

How to sleep on the side right way without disturbance

  • Make sure the bed is medium firm.

A medium firm mattress that has a firmness level of 4 is usually the best mattress for side sleepers.

Too much firm mattress makes your body sore with pain. On the other hand, sleeping on a soft mattress sinks your body into the mattress, which is extremely bad as you do not want your spine to be in danger.

So you may pick one with medium firmness.

  • Get the pillow considering your height.

Most people complain that side sleeping makes their shoulder pain worse.

It is true if you choose a pillow that isn’t compatible with your height. The pillows on your bed should not be too low or too higher from the shoulder. It should keep your neck, spine, and hip in the strict alignment.

If the pillow can maintain this straight line, you need nothing more, and you won’t feel any pain at all.

  • Get a mattress that supports every body part evenly.

It is better a mattress that supports all three parts neck, spine and hip are needed to make sure you sleep well. If you feel that your mattress is not supporting your body parts correctly and may strain on hips, get the best mattress for hip pain immediately.

  • Use pillow between legs

You can also put a thinner pillow between legs. It will keep your spine in a straighter position and will never put any pressures. There are plenty of knee pillows available in the market. But if you don’t want to buy it then simply roll up a towel. Use it as a knee pillow, and you are good to go.

  • Avoid putting pressure on your hands

Who wants to wake up with feeling there is an almost crippling sensation in their hands? It is the worst feeling to have when you wake up.

Many side sleepers tend to sleep on their hands using it as a pillow. Avoid pressurizing any part of your body as the pressure stops the blood circulation. Otherwise, you are likely to wake up with the crippling pins and needle sensation. It can seriously ruin your sleep.

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