10 Best Out-of-the-box Valentine’s Day 2019 Date Ideas

A.k.a. no boring candlelight dinner and roses!

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Now getting back to the title of the day – unexpected date ideas for Valentine’s Day.

The last thing you’d want is to get stuck streaming shows on Netflix and eating from a takeout bucket with your bae. Ah! Even worse, end up with a cheesy unoriginal prix-fixe dinner date.

Let’s help you ensure that this V-Day is free of clichés. Here are some awesome non-boring ideas for the night!

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  1. Cozy up beside a bonfire

Lucky you, if you live in the suburbs. And even if you don’t, make plans for the weekend. Bring some marshmallows, chocolates, s’mores (leave no favorites behind) and spend the night cuddling up by the warmth. If you can plan one on the beach, even better.

  1. Adventurous ghost tour

The biggest perk that all ghosts enjoy is that they get to hang around old cities for free – no mode of transportation required. Put on your journey shoes and get your bae on-board, this V-day! Explore, find spooky events in a lesser known place. Book a guided tour. Booze will help.

  1. Indulge in a wine bar crawl

Do not just stick to one place. Instead, hop from place-to-place. Experience different kinds of food and wine while you guys are out there. Trust us! It is waaay more interesting than those planned candlelight dinner date. But then again, a planned dessert date won’t hurt too.

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A good dinner and movie night at home

If you or your partner is not the outgoing kind, you can always spend Valentine’s the old school way. Watching Leo making Paige fall back in love with him in The Vow is definitely more satisfying when there is a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs to keep you full.

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  1. Intense poetry reading

Channel your inner Carrie and Big at the local library. Check out the love letters and poems. May try your hands a little by writing each other letters and poems. Later, open a bottle of wine and take turns reading them out loud.

  1. A romantic bike ride for two

A lot of cities have bike rental websites at affordable hourly rates. Well yes, a bike ride for the two may seem cheesy, but if you will be doing this for the first time, it could be a cute bonding moment to look back on later.

  1. Book a hotel

Awaken your erotic senses in a room free from roommates and dirty dishes. Go for hotels that host their own Valentine’s specials. Indulge in its three-course meal and elegant champagne service.

  1. Watch the sunset or sunrise

Nothing’s more romantic than the gift of nature. Leave work a bit early and head to the waters or the mountains and watch the sunset behind nature’s blue screen.

  1. Get Your Astrology Fix

Not a big fan of the unknown? Still, take out some time to see what’s written in the stars. Visit a local psychic and find out what your tarot reads. And if you are not quite at the commitment place, there is no harm learning about the auras. The air this time of the year is such that you will love it.

  1. A surprise heart inside cake

Put your baking skills to good use. Plan the most amazing Valentine’s Day surprise that will tickle your partner’s taste buds. Make a beautiful cake and stuff in his/her favorite goodies inside.

FYI! A few bonus tips. You can thank us later

What to avoid this Valentine’s Week

  • Don’t get too close to other girls
  • Do not do all the talking. Let him speak too
  • Showing off your money won’t help
  • Don’t get over clingy
  • Save the pranks for Fool’s Day

What not to avoid this Valentine’s Week!

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Aaaand, it is the second day already – buck up.

By the way, Happy Propose Day guys… Spread the love!!!

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