Best Photo Editing Tools- Use These 5 Tools To Bring New Life In Your Photos

The advent of smartphones has taken photography by a breeze.  People are looking to capture their images in the best way through photographs. It is common for the younger generation today to capture their photographs and post in their social networking groups in the wake of getting good likes and comments for the same.


Photographs will look best only when they are edited with specific tools. When it comes to editing photographs, free Photoshop is the most popular tool you will hear about, it is being used for both commercial and personal purpose.


It is, in fact, the best software to beautify photos, image enhancing, and glamour re-touching, background removing and much more.


Here are the five effective tools that you can use to bring new life your photos.


  • Shadow highlighting tool

Most of the pictures are captured with the help of smartphones rather than professional cameras. Photos captured by the smartphones are not as clear as the photos taken through professional cameras in spite of holding high pixel cam in the phone.

When the image is captured by smartphone or professional camera, shadow areas of photos might not reflect right. This shadow highlighting tools of photo editor will highlight the shadow areas of the image and bring some details back in the areas of the image.


  • Levels tool

After you have adjusted shadows of the image, you should be adjusting overall exposure if image scene.  The level tools can work perfectly in adjusting if the image is either over or underexposed.

The tool can effectively address bright and dark tones of the image to bring out the desired perfection in the image. However, one should remember not to make too many adjustments to ensure the image is not either overexposed or underexposed.


  • Colour balance

As the name goes, the tool in the Photoshop free is used to change the colour of the image. If the photograph is too blue and you are looking to make it little warm, you can adjust it with the colour balance tools by pulling up some red tones.  You can even change the overall colour scheme of the image with the colour balancing tool.

Here also, it is recommended to make small adjustments because big adjustments can make the photograph saturated in single colour and make it look unnatural. The purpose of using the colour balance tool is to enhance the looks of the image by choosing particular colours in the scene.


  • Hue and saturation

This one of the most powerful tools every photograph editor should choose to bring out the best in the photographs. The tool can be used to adjust all colours in the photograph.

You will see sliders like huge, saturation and lightness. While Hue is used to reassigning the colours in the image and saturation is used to control intensity of colours in the photograph. The saturation tool gives you control over each colour of the image and you can saturate them according to your preferences.


  • Vibrance

This is must use tool that photo editors should look in after using the above-mentioned saturation tool. The tool can be used for saturating the colours that are not effectively saturated with the saturation tool.

Your image gets that desired final touch when you use the tool for photo editing. Though there is no rule of thumb to tell about how to use the tool, the adjustments you make in the image with the help of the tool to make the image look entirely different.

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