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Washed by the waters of the beautiful Atlantic but secure from streams by a bay, Agadir is a desired beach in Morocco for local as well as for international visitors. If we add the friendliness of the people of the area, the amusing local philosophy and the marvelous oases of the center, we discover ourselves with the country’s foremost seashore destination, where you can decrease your strain without losing sight of the attraction of amazing Arab culture.

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The Best Places in Agadir

Agadir is a unique destination for all adventure and beach lovers where you’ll be able to enjoy both the Agadir seashore and the beauty and ethos of its atmospheres. On its sincere, golden-sand beaches, you’ll find all kinds of amenities for peaceful and enthusiastic water sports.

But with the wish of your adventure, you may also want to get to discover the wonderful city and get the feeling of immersing yourself in to the marvelous blend of culture of Morocco, it is suggested that you should go for Agadir Streets.


Commercial actions in this region have been centered on its harbor since the great ancient time of ancient. It’s an excellent experience to visit this beautiful and developed marina where fishing boats always arrive with their hook and hunt in its waters for more fishes to sell in the market, and to see its boatyards.

It is also recommended to you that you take a stroll on Hassan II Boulevard, a contemporary seafront walkway in Morocco, and venture into the cobble lanes of the old Medina, which is occupied of arches and decorative façades in pure Arab design and style.

agardir beach

If you want to see the Agadir’s beautiful surrounds, you have the selection of staying at fishing villages, portions of the neighboring Sahara Desert, beautiful UNSESCO sites and unusual desert-like beaches in your Agadir Holidays.  But if we have to lone out one outing, you have to drive to the yellowish-brown fields of the great Tamraght River valley, also identified as ‘Paradise Valley’.


Moroccan Gastronomy:

The massive fishing taskforce of Agadir delivers the city every day with the abundance of the sea, though the archetypal plates of Moroccan cuisine are also in indication for all its greatness. You are may suggested to try tajine, a stew cooked and ready with meat and vegetables; the tasty couscous, a characteristic dish made with amazing semolina, meat and vegetables; yumm pastille that is a pie filled with meat, healthy nuts and some sweet ingredients to make all this unique.

Moroccan Gastronomy

In Agadir, you may discover craftsmen particular in leather, glass and wood still working using the most amazing traditional approaches. And if you hike to the top of the high hill, you’ll discover the ancient ruins of the Kasbah, the antique and beautiful fortification that previously endangered the amazing city, where you can relish its impressive sights. Other places are also there but you can’t miss in Agadir include the Olhao Garden (one of the favorite of many visitors), the small zoo recognized as the ‘Valley of the Birds”, and the wonderful Mohammed V and Loubnane mosques.

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