List of 5 Best Media Buying and Planning Software 2020

Before we begin with the list of best media buying and planning software for the year 2020 here is what you should know about media buying and media planning.

What is Media Buying?

What is Media Buying Software

Media Buying is a process of buying an ad space on a website which has good website traffic and those users are your potential customers. But it is not that easy to buy an ad space on any website.

You have to reach out to the website owner either via email, skype messages, etc and then have to tell them about your product and at what position on their website you are looking to put your ad.

Note: No one will allow you to place you ad for free on their website.

Once the website owner has agreed on giving you an ad space on his/her website then comes the negotiation part. You simply cannot agree on whatever price the website owner gives.

Always negotiate as there is always a good chance to bring down the pricing.

Now you must be thinking about how to plan that on which website should I run the ad and for how long? Well, all this is done with media planning.

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What is Media Planning?

What is Media Planning Software

Media Planning is a process following which all the media buying marketers check when and where to buy the ad space and for how long should they keep their ad on that particular website.

By media planning methods only a marketer decides on which website should they buy the ad space.

The factors they look into consideration for media planning are:

  1. Website Organic Traffic.
  2. Website Direct and Referral Traffic
  3. Country from where the Users are coming from.
  4. Age group of those users.
  5. From which device most of the traffic is coming from.

Now, as you have gained the knowledge about what media buying and media planning is let’s move on to the list of software you can use to buy media.

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Best Media Buying and Planning Software 2020:

  1. BluHorn:

Bluhorn media buying and planning software

Image Source: BluHorn

BluHorn is the most famous and useful media buying software which tops this list of media buying software. It provides you with a free demo and a free 14 days trial with the help of which you can check if you want to buy media using this software or not.

BluHorn has many extra ordinary features which makes it the best choice for media buyers.

It provides many ways using which you can buy media like media buying videos, media buying websites, etc.

To get more information about the same do visit the official website of BluHorn.

  1. Prisma by MediaOcean:

Prisma by MediaOcean Media Planning and Buying Software-min

Image Source: MediaOcean

All the famous media channels, Tech teams and partners and other data sources are bought together in one place and this place is Prisma.

As per user reviews on prisma, Prisma provides a platform which streamlines your digital media buying. The software makes sure not to give you any duplicate data entry. It also has many amazing APIs which are easy to integrate with your personal tools.

It even has a 24/7 live support for all its customers.

Visit the official website of MediaOceans to get more information about the same.

  1. MediaPlan4:

Mediaplan4 media planning buying software

Image Source: MediaPlan4

MediaPlan4 is one of the most famous software which allows you to plan and buy media from a single platform only. It even provides many tools and other necessary steps using which marketers can optimize their advertisement expenditure so that the money can be utilized to gain maximum output.

Features of MediaPlan4 are:

  • This media buying software provides a dynamic platform using which the marketer can control what all tools and elements he wants to use in a single campaign.
  • You can set goals by importing data from google analytics in a single click.
  • Create and customize your own media setup like goals, channels, targeted countries, properties etc.

Visit the official website of MediaPlan4 to get more information about the same.

  1. Centro:

Centro, a media buying software where a marketer can get all media services like media planning, media trafficking and media monitoring. The platform is good but has few limitations which makes the media buyers and planners to think before going for this platform.

The platform is good but is limited to a few digital media channels only which makes it difficult for media buyers to plan their entire media buying plan on it.

Visit the official website of Centro for more information.

  1. Strata:

Strata is one of the most old media buying and planning software which helps the marketers to buy all types of media from a single platform only but the only weakness of this platform is that it lacks in customer support.

It is mostly used by people with high budget due to its high pricing but it provides great quality of media which the buyers are looking for.

Visit the website of Strata for more information.

So these are some of the best media buying and planning software and platforms which you can surely use in 2020 if you are looking to buy a good media for your online business.

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