Best Exotic Touches for Your Home Spa Gazebo

Though there’s a lot of uses for a home gazebo, a home spa is probably your best bet. It’s your own backyard sanctuary for rest and relaxation. A part of your home that, at the end of the day, you can just sit back, relax, and de-stress. Every home needs this. And while for others, they can save a certain room in their house, if you have a home gazebo, that’s the perfect place for it. A tiny parcel of a five-star luxury establishment that you don’t have to pay a single penny to enjoy. That’s the beauty of your home spa.

In terms of decorating your home spa, however, why not go for an exotic touch? This is, after all, a special and unique part of your home. You wouldn’t want to have it seem like just any other ordinary room in the has, would you? Of course not! So here are a few tips on how to incorporate an exotic touch in your own home spa.

Think of a Theme

Firstly, it’s important that you think of a theme. Just putting all sorts of exotic items and ideas into your home spa isn’t enough. You’ll just confuse your eyes more, and in turn, will make relaxing in it a bit more difficult. When you have a central theme to work around, at least you’ll have an easier time on how you want to design the gazebo. And it’s easier with gazebos from as they’re usually classic and simple. In this regard, choose a country, or even a continent, and pick your furniture, colour schemes, and more accordingly.

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Plants are Always a Must

In a more general context, exoticism usually refers to those places where it’s less urbanized. Areas in this highly industrialized world where Mother Nature still reigns supreme. So when incorporating such an idea into your home spa, plants are always a must! No matter what kind you get, instilling a sense of botanical bliss into your gazebo adds that exotic tinge easily. Though of course, they must also adhere to the central theme you chose. There are some plants found only in specific places in the world. And if you chose such as your central theme, these are the plants you must choose.

Have Fun with Color

Normally, when it comes to home spas in your backyard gazebos, neutral tones are best. But to add a tinge of exoticism to it, you have to be a bit more fun than that. More so since many manufacturers, such as, already offer neutral-toned enclosures. So this will already give you a nice canvas to pick other colours for that exotic touch. However, if you do choose to go for bright a vivid hues, make sure they’re not too overwhelming nor dominant in your home spa. Just incorporate them in tiny by impactful ways, such as covers for your cushions, a sole chair, coloured scented candles, and the like.

Go for Wild Prints

Now, this is a bit tricky. Again, the simpler and more neutral the interior design of your home spa is, the more relaxing it will feel inside. However, if you’re bent on adding an exotic touch into your backyard structure, adding prints will better evoke that feel. Your best bet is to cover the walls or adding curtains with prints. But to ensure that your home spa remains a relaxing part of your home, maybe tiny details are enough. Similarly to wild colours, limiting them to cushion covers or lampshades are enough to showcase an exotic touch without overwhelming your eyes.

Incorporate Antiques

An exotic touch doesn’t always have to mean it’s from another country. At times, it can also mean it’s from another time. And in this respect, putting antiques into your home spa will work wonders. They’re exotic, in it that they come from another time different from yours. But also, they wouldn’t look like anything else in your home. And more often than not, antiques will have their own uses in your home spa. Think candle-holders, well-crafted lamps, painted bowls, and more. These are the items that can be incredibly useful in a home spa.

Wooden Furniture would Work

What material evokes a more exotic feel? Wood! Though everybody uses them, there’s just something about wooden furniture and other items that seem so exotic. Especially if what you incorporate in your home spa looks rustic and traditional. Even the most normal of furniture, such as coat stands, tables, chairs. etc, a fine yet charming wooden finish will seem more exotic than those made out of plastic or steel. And this will seem so regardless of where you acquired them. Whether you got them from the other side of the world or the from the shop on the other side of the street, wooden furniture will add an exotic touch indeed.

Send for Scintillating Scents

Visionary details are often not enough to showcase an exotic touch. At times, it depends on the atmosphere too. And for that authentically exotic feel, try filling your home spa with scintillating scents. In fact, you’ll already do it since it’s a spa, this is just another ace to it. Be it with candles, a bowl of potpourri, or maybe even incense. Such features won’t just help you relax but will make your home spa all the more exotic than it already is.

Buy Souvenirs

Do you know the best way to put an exotic touch into your home gazebo? Actually incorporating items you bought and were given from other countries. There’s nothing more exotic than the knick-knacks and memorabilia that come from different places. A lamp from Abu Dhabi, a candle from Bangkok, a chair from Florence—these sorts of items will give your relaxing space that much more character. And you don’t even have to strategize with them that much. They’re already exotic since they don’t come from your own home country/city. the fact that they’re there already gives your home spa an exotic touch.

Putting an exotic touch into your home spa gazebo is easier than you think. You don’t have to travel the world to do it (though it may also still help). You just have to know which elements will work best to achieve this sort of vibe.

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