4 Best Destinations the Tattoo Lovers May Choose to Get Inked

Presently, tattoo fever has caught everyone. People of all ages, from young to old are just crazy about this body ink art. Getting inked has become a unique way to create a style statement.

More and more people, over the world consider tattooing as one of the best ideas to stay stylish and cool.

Are you one of them? Do you like to get inked?

If yes, then this post is useful for you.

You may dive into the following section, where I have talked about some of the

Best places of the world where you may get inked.

Check these out now to get a clear idea of this subject.


  • San Francisco, United States

San Francisco is one of the best places where you can come across cutting edge tattooing. For the decades, this place remains famous for having some reputed tattooing shops where you can find a bunch of experienced and licensed artists. They are adept enough to pierce your body with the trendy as well as traditional designs.

The Bay area of the San Francisco is the place where the pioneer Ed Hardy started crafting the blend of Japanese as well as traditional tattooing. Presently, his son, Doug carries is handling the family business.


  • Kuta in Bali

Kuta is a beach and resort area which is situated in the South of the Bali Island. This place is globally known for having some reputed tattoo shops.

Those who are thinking of getting a trendy and cute, custom designed tattoo may pay a visit to any of the best studios.

While choosing the studio, consider the followings, licensed and adept artists, globally recognized hygiene level, custom designed tattoos, affordability and more.

To know more about the custom designed tattoo in Bali, you may take an appointment with the best artists.


  • Japan

Japan, which is known as the land of the rising sun, contributed greatly to bring a new form of tattooing in the 18th century. Here you can come across thousands of artists who still practice the classic tattooing art of Japan.

New artists make an update in the technique as they perform the job by using a combination of the traditional hand tattooing technique and electric machines. For a big and colorful design, do not forget to visit this country.


  • London, UK

As per the recent survey, UK has the highest number of tatted people over the world. With this, you may realize that the tattooing shops are in huge demand here.

London can be considered as a global epicenter of getting inked. The city boasts on having one of the largest annual tattoo conventions on September, every year.

Each and every kind of designs you are seeking can be obtained here along with highly professional and experienced artists. To get the best designed tattoos, come to London.

So, these are the places, which are globally known for having some of the best tattoo shops. To get inked with the unique design and to gain the safe and high quality services, you may visit any of the reputed studios in these places.

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