The Best Blogging Tips for the First Time Bloggers

Content ways are unpredictable. This brings completely unexpected consequences. You expect that cherries will mature to cherry, and there indeed grows cherries. Suddenly an orange appears. If you are still persistently through all your creative crises, you will reap the harvest of your labor.


When Should You Create a Blog?

So, the idea to create a blog came to your mind. It is necessary to pour out somewhere, and psychoanalysts are too expensive. Maybe, you want to promote your company or yourself as a specialist in a particular area. If the thought of having a blog just got stuck, do the following:

  • Take a look at lectures by Robert Sapolsky, the professor at Stanford University, biology of human behavior.
  • Learn how to make a mouse, a crane and a fish in origami technology.
  • Organize the Sabbath in the courtyard of your home and arrange a beautiful flower bed.

If after that you still think that blogging is interesting, then you can try it.


What Will the Blog Help?

Look at a hundred of your friends on Facebook. How many of them write something themselves, and do not make endless reposts? How many of these printers publish their interesting thoughts, and not “today woke up to make it to another coach session on personal productivity”? To express own thoughts and to argue them is a strong advantage in the world of transpositions and identifies. People who possess this skill stand out among others. The blog is a great opportunity to attract the attention of the audience. The good news is that it’s easy to learn. You just need to understand what you are writing about and be a disciplined person.


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Where Can You Get Content Ideas?

It is not easy for everyone to do this, you have to teach yourself this way. Set yourself the task of writing a paragraph of text every day, and after a couple of weeks, you will realize that any thought can become content. After that, train yourself to write on your topic. Then the ideas will come constantly. Try to use some custom writing service from time to time to get inspiration.


Why do You Need a Content Plan?

The plan will be useful in that depressive period when it will seem that there is nothing to write about. When you’re just starting out, when you’re on a new start, write a list of topics for future articles. Fifty pieces. This list will save you when the courage is evaporated.


What Should You Be Prepared for?

The most important thing to learn: a blog is not fun. A blog is a duty that should always be performed by visiting a dentist. Just as a trip to a dentist, many bloggers postpone posting for one, two, three years. If you are not sure that you are ready for routine work, it’s best not to start.


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How to Choose Topics?

For each blogger, there is a reason why the text should be written and the read. Someone posts on YouTube videos about how to do repairs, someone writes about their children, someone even writes about their children in an interesting way. Think about the readers: why will they read your blog? What is the reason for them? Maybe you know how to write funny, have the narrator gift, you notice funny things in normal situations or do some good things, and your knowledge will help other people? Remember: you should like the theme yourself. Otherwise, you will not miss it for a long time.


What Is the Most Important Thing for a Blogger?

If you want the number of readers to exceed zero, adhere to one of the most important rules. Do not pour into the blog stream of consciousness. Structure your thoughts. To write an article, identify the problem that needs to be addressed. What will change your readers after reading? Start your text with a problem statement and an explanation of why this is important, then describe the solution.


Do You Need a Social Networking Blog?

The social network is an image creation tool and in the case of a professional blog the image of an expert. Many people in social networks only have an image, but it works. If you want to look like an expert you should behave as an expert. Most your Facebook posts should be related to work.


How to Make People Read You?

The Italians have the statement: “Speak as you eat.” This means that it is necessary to speak simply. It’s necessary to write a blog the same way. Get rid of spell-checkers, very complex sentences, passive collateral. Instead of “the bronze horse was given to my friends for a wedding” – “I gave the garbage.” First the contents, then the form. Do not expect that after reading “Write, cut down” you will publish brilliant articles. Properly constructed phrases do not replace the knowledge of the topic. Conversely, if you understand what you are writing about, but you can not always express your thoughts clearly, readers will be loyally respected.


Why Do You Need a Feedback?

Communicate with readers, ask them what they think about your blog. It is very depressing when you consider writing in emptiness. Over time, even comments “Thank you for a useful post” cease to satisfy, you need to hear something more detailed. Praise will cheer, and criticism will help to stay in tune.



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