What is Bloatware? | Best Bloatware Remover for Windows

Are you looking to buy a new windows laptop or PC?


Well if yes then keep one thing in mind that whenever you buy a new laptop or PC, You always expect it to be clean and free from all types of virus and other malware, It should be starting up fast and you can work as quickly as you need to.


But there is a catch in the story.


The truth is that almost 90% of windows PC and laptops starts slow than they should be and are always loaded up with unnecessary software.


This is Called Bloatware


This is known as BLOATWARE.


This software comes in many different forms and versions.


The thing is that most of these bloatware software are not dangerous but they can slow down the processing of your computer and take a good amount of space on your hard disk.


Now you must be thinking a question and that question is…


By how much does a bloatware slow down a PC or Laptop?

Well, this is very hard to say but there are many signs which shows that these bloatware have a desirable effect on your PC and laptop.


There is a line of PCs sold by Microsoft and this is called as Signature PCs.


These PCs are free from all types of third party software and programs and because of this these PCs start up almost 104% faster than other PCs.


These signature PCs shut down around 35% faster and have a battery life of 30 minutes more than other PCs and laptops which are having bloatware in them.


Now the next question which you all might be thinking of can be about the types of bloatware.





This article will give you a detailed information about all the different types of bloatware which you might see in your computer.



The main question which you all should think about is…


Why do these PC vendors put these additional software in the new PCs and Laptops?
There can be many reasons behind this. Sometimes it is done just to offer free tools and software which will add other functionalities to the desired system and sometimes this is done to include third party software and applications in order to generate revenue from different sources.


Whenever you buy a windows PC or laptop, you can encounter 2 types of pre-installed software.


First one being the applications and software that run on old fashioned PCs and laptops and other one which run on touch based tablet and mobile mode.


To be honest desktop software and applications which are preinstalled on your PC as very hard to find and uninstall and this can be even harder if you are a non techie user.


  • Trialware

A trialware is a software application which you can get at free of cost but only for a certain amount of time and after that the user will have to pay in order to continue with the service.


The most common trialware among the security software group are McAfree, Norton and Free Malware Removal Tool.


Now you must be thinking that what is the advantage of this?

Well this is a strategy implemented by many companies and industries.


They first let you use their product at free of cost for a specific amount of time and when you get used to the product they impose a price on it and stops the product services.


Because of this the user tends to pay for the product subscription as the user is now used to the product.


Then there comes adware.


Adware is a form of bloatware which is malicious in nature and the whole and sole task of an adware is to show pop up ads on the user’s home screen.


Pop up ads can be sent either via websites or by pop ups which come up directly on the computer home screen.


Are you thinking that this will just irritate you and you will close that pop up ad and all this will be solved?



An adware can slow down the processing speed of your computer and can even expose your computer system to other dangers like hacking and other things.


Do you know how to get rid of these bloatware?

In some of the cases you can get rid of these bloatware by simply uninstalling them from uninstall the program screen.




In most of the cases you will be needing a bloatware remover in order to get rid of these malicious viruses.


Click here to read and check how you can remove a bloatware from your computer in few simple steps.

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