5 Best Apps for Students for Their College Homework

Whether you are a student at an online college or a traditional college studying is important for you.


Beyond reasonable doubt spending time in the library and making paper flash cards that will be used to mark out books is no longer applicable.


Don’t you wish that there was a science homework helper, to get you through your assignments easily? In this era, we have laptops and phones which have a wide range of library to research from.


This is why there are apps developed daily to help you with college work so that you easily access information across the platforms.


Apple has reported having over 20,000 apps which help students with their homework.


Some of the best apps include

  1. myHomework

This app is used by students to receive homework reminders, it’s user- friendly as it can support the access of assignments and classes at any time and from anywhere.


This app is used to track class assignments and homework. Well, this particular app is simple to use and well laid out making it effective for tracking multiple homework and assignments.


  1. Class timetable

Used on Android or iOS; it is a conventional organizer. The class timetable app gives students a written, organized schedule to refer to every time.


This timetable helps students organize their calendars and days. You get to note which assignments are due and when they are due.


Note which days you expect exams and which days are holidays. This is a home screen widget which makes it easy to view at a glance and note upcoming tasks and lessons. The timetable saves tasks to be done in class, lessons, and homework.


It is a smart app because during classes it mutes automatically.


  1. My study life

A student’s life is not a full-time job and so a full day needs to be divided to accommodate different tasks. This app helps bring together everything a student’s needs together and within their reach.


Everything is put on the dashboard and you can also set to get notifications on upcoming assignments, exams and study times.


This is a great way to be in touch with upcoming tasks rather than spending time looking them up.


  1. Evernote

When doing college homework, you will realize that most of the needed information to successfully complete is by using good notes.


Evernote is the thing for you because it keeps everything you need to use in your homework streamlined. It has the option of having a checklist, attachments, links, audio recordings with many more amazing features.


The app has a free version which allows students to search for texts and sync notes across devices.


  1. iStudiez Pro

This is literally the digital hub for college students. At first, this app was available on iPhone, but later synced into three other devices.


It has easy to access program divided into five sections, namely overview, holidays, assignments, instructors and planner.


Although, it is not limited to these five because students can add other sections as they deem important in their homework such as prioritizing assignments, study plan sessions, and schedules.


It also comes in handy when tracking students’ academic progress and grades. This app is easy to use because all you need is to input a date and information about your next assignment and leave it to do the rest.


This app is the best because you will never miss out on an assignment or a class. What’s more is the app’s calendar can be integrated into other apps for easy access.


We are slowly and swiftly moving from the old fashioned way of doing things and software apps are becoming an important part of a student’s life.


An educational app used by the Dissertation Team is mainly developed to help students in organizing and scheduling their homework.


These apps keep you organized and connected relieving off some stress of the ever demanding college life.

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