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The most significant challenge all the computer users globally are facing is how to protect their system from numerous digital attacks which comes in various form like-Viruses, ransomware, malware, adware, scams, etc.

As it is essential to have a good and clean PC, it is even more critical to have the best anti-virus in India which is now as per current records of 2018 is — ITL Total Security.


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So, if you are also one of those many users who is looking for the best antivirus secure your computer, then you have landed on the right place.

This article is an effort to clear all your doubts and to answer all your relevant questions for a good anti-virus.

Introducing ITL Antivirus.

Best antivirus software 2018 in India


ITL Antivirus software gives your computer the best protection from all types of malware and virus.

Many free antivirus solutions are used in the market to protect you’re your computer, but they don’t always provide a complete antivirus software tools that the best paid-for antivirus software offers. For this reason, if you want an all-around antivirus tool that up-to-date protection against the latest threats, then you will regret paying for the best free antivirus software(ITL) is your best bet.


ITL is a reliable and powerful antivirus for both Windows and MAC.

We have excellent and user-friendly features which including real-time antivirus protection, VPN, Password Vault protection, Adblocker and ID Theft Protection.

ITL protects you from harmful computer infections like worms, Trojan, spyware, adware, and different sorts of malware, making it a useful anti-malware system and one of the best free antivirus programs. It supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP operating system.

ITL has a propelled experimental mechanism which is a component not found in most of the free antivirus device.

How to define a useful antivirus software?

There are three necessary requirements that an antivirus software needs:

  1. Strong detection rate for malware and other threats
  2. Minimum impact on system resources
  3. A user-friendly interface

These days to meet up with the competitive world, security suites company give few extras features like a backup service for most of your essential files, Android apps for mobile security, a more advanced firewall, family protection especially for children restriction and the liberty to use the program on multiple PCs. These extras function comes as per your requirement and situation.




Best antivirus software in India is about is introduced for a better PC’s working framework. Regardless of whether you are aware of potential dangers and practice extraordinary alert, a few threats can’t be forestalled without the additional assistance of an AV program—or a full antivirus suite.

You could, for instance, visit a site that inadvertently shows noxious advertisements. Or then again accidentally tap on a phishing email (it happens!). Or then still get stung by a zero-day risk, where an undisclosed bug in Windows, your browser, or an installed program gives programmers passage to your framework.

We’re not recommending that PC security software is idiot proof. Antivirus software regularly can’t do much to stop zero-day abuses, for instance. In any case, it can distinguish when the undisclosed powerlessness is utilized to install other awful bits, as ransomware, on your machine. Any individual who efficiently uses email, taps on joins, and downloads programs will profit by an antivirus suite.

Which is the best antivirus in India?

This is a surety that our latest and power packed software is the best antivirus in India- ITL Total Security is the only major device you have to keep on your PC to secure it from all infections and get the best PC experience.

Its unique features are:

  • It Scans your framework for any infected things and cleans them immediately.
  • Download the application effortlessly with a single snap. It’s that basic.
  • Get specific moment help from our officials regularly.

itl antivirus



“Download ITL Total Security by clicking on the download button given below”:

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Question: “What is antivirus software? Why does my business need antivirus protection?”

Answer: Any tool which is designed and developed to protect your computer and the most used browser from nasty viruses, worms, and to put a stop on all malicious actions, such as deleting files, accessing your personal data, or using your computer to attack other networks we all need a good antivirus. So, to help you keep your computer healthy, install ITL antivirus. You must also take care that both the program and the virus signature files are up to date.

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As most of the official data are on the company’s computer and network it is very essential to have an active antivirus.

The main benefits of ITL antivirus for business.

  1. Centralized management console-To have efficient coordination among all different verticals, and it is our advice to have ITL antivirus for better management.
  2. Safety and Protection for all devices-To manage the numerous computer working simultaneously it is good to have a good antivirus.
  3. To protect all your necessary files and emails from being infected with any virus, it is necessary to have a strong antivirus like ITL antivirus.
  4. As today’s world is connected digitally globally, it is a must to have well-protected internet security and network. So, one of the main feature of ITL antivirus to provide safe and secure protection.
  5. With so much exposure to the virtual world, the most used mobile and laptops are also under the security theft, so we recommend ITL antivirus.

What are the main types of computer viruses that exist today?

While using your regular browser, imagine typing and searching for a specified topic in an internet address and automatically getting redirected to different sites. When this happens, be sure that you have a browser hijacker in your computer which is responsible for this. Unfortunately, hijackers are usually attached or appear on your browser toolbars, programs and other free downloads you choose. They typically have the word “search” in their names. A good security program can detect all these issues, and ITL antivirus is the perfect solution.

browser hijacker

  • File Infector

Another common type of computer viruses is a file infector. These viruses get attach to host files and infects the computer when you operate it. So, whenever you open or run the file, the virus is automatically running and sometimes it can even take over the file completely.

  • Macro Virus

This is another type of file-based virus, and this virus attaches itself to data made from programs that support macros. For examples – Microsoft Excel and Word, and people often naively download them as a form email attachment. To avoid such threat, it is a good idea to install a powerful security program which can easily scan these types of files before you download them to detect any threats.


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  • Polymorphic Virus

These viruses are harder to detect among the others. This happens as security programs scan coding to identify viruses, but this virus in specific changes both in encryption and their coding. They continually change their operations, which affect the applications you use.

  • Multipartite Virus

As the name suggests such kinds of computer viruses don’t spread in one way, but these spread in multiple ways. These viruses program themselves based on the actions which usually depend on the form of operating system you use, the regular programs on your computer or usage of specific files. It can have multiple actions, and this makes it one of the most frustrating viruses to deal with.

email virus

  • Direct Action Virus

Although this virus is not devastating as it was once being, this type was common in the past. The unique feature is that It is only active upon execution of the file or program it is attached to and not the entire computer. Once the application is not inactive, the virus no longer runs its operations and becomes inactive. If there is a good security program installed on your computer, it would be able at detecting these types of viruses.

  • Boot Sector Virus

This type of computer virus was more popular and used when floppy disks needed for booting a computer. Although they are not commonly used today, this type of virus still exits and causes minor problems. Well, If your computer is infected with a boot sector virus, it will get active and starts its operations when you switch on because this program is tied to the boot menu.


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  • Web Scripting Virus

These viruses come when through programming is done for building up a site’s display. This involves the image placement, videos, links and layout of a website are all constructed with coding. This can be changed with the intent of infecting your computer when you click on any such links or watch any videos on such malicious site. The site you are browsing may have malicious codes or links added by a third party unknowingly, so take care before visiting any sites.

  • Memory Resident Virus

This is one of the most destructive virus. It slyly embeds itself in the computer’s memory to carry out its deadly operations. That means that whenever you run your operating system, the virus gets active and working. It has changing effects, but it will make space on your computer for its use by wither corrupting and deleting your files.

  • FAT Virus

FAT viruses disturb all your file allocation system, where all the essential information about files and where to find them exists. It even targets and destroys files and the entire directories for them.


Why do I need antivirus for Windows?

Windows 7 computers are not compatible with most of the antivirus software, which exposes them to the security issue, due to the lack of this feature the latest updates from Microsoft is not shared with the users of Windows 7, because of this compatibility issue it is that’s believed to be causing BSODs. Windows 7 systems without antivirus or any other security products aren’t considered to be compatible, and so they also blocked from getting security updates. So, we would highly recommend installing ITL antivirus for smooth operation.

This policy came into existence with the Windows 10 introduced as a cumulative update. To keep getting the most recent updates, Windows 10 users are required to set a dedicated registry key to continue receiving updates, with incompatible antivirus software blocking any patches that the company released.

As a caution effort most of the industry leaders have already upgraded and updated their security software to be compatible with the new Windows 10 policy, and the chances are that the same thing applies to Windows 7 as well, so it is essential for most of the antivirus products be compatible with the 2009 operating system technology.

For the better working of Windows 7, it will keep getting updates until January 2020, and it’s critical for systems still running this version of the operating system to install the most recent patches as soon as possible.

It is recommended the customers on Windows 7 to prepare to upgrade to Windows 10 already as a proactive step, especially in the case of enterprises where the process is more complex and involves additional steps.

Most types of viruses today only work on Windows operating systems, but there are many for Android, Macintosh, iOS and even Blackberry. To avoid these destructive viruses, you must always have a good security program for optimum computer protection. While there are free options, they come with only minimal protection and require manual updates. It is a regular feature of the viruses to change quickly continually and are a threat to the computer security, and you always face a higher risk using the necessary free software. Always Keep in mind that even the most trusted sites may still have a virus, and security breaches in the past may have resulted in worst effects for many Internet users.

When it comes to the best computer protection, these programs need to meet the steepest challenges. To compete, they need to scan, downloads and sites in advance. They offer malware detection as a good solution and removal for any virus attack, block all the outside attempts to access your device and have many additional benefits. The peace of mind they offer is worth every cent.

Which antivirus protects our computers?

Why do we need to have an antivirus on our computer? Pure to be protected from any virus attack.

Here are few reasons you need to buy ITL antivirus

  1. Safe browsing technology

With the demand growing for good antivirus programs and the USP include tools that keep your computer safe while browsing the internet. This is the primary way through which viruses enter your computer, and it’s essential to protect anybody who uses your PC. Some programs can filter out some bad Google search results, or even warn you when you click on a malicious webpage.

  1. Protection from Social media

Modern times, most people have a Facebook or Twitter account, which means more exposure and viruses specifically target social media. This indicates that your personal information is at risk, as it steals your passwords, Important files and personal data, phone number, and any other information you have online, so it’s important to stay protected. A good antivirus program should alert the user when a Facebook scam has been detected, and it should be able to tell its user about a malicious link sent by someone to you on Twitter and warn you not to click on it.

Social Protection


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  1. Effective parental controls

To protect your children, form this maddening digital world it is a necessity to have good antivirus program with parental controls. Some antivirus programs even feature usage restriction tools, making it easier to give everybody in the household their ‘computer time.’

  1. Email protection

One primary reason for mass infection in the Spam emails with attachment, lots of virus are spread through emails, and While spam may seem like a minor annoyance, it can cause severe damage to your computer system – even if you have just opened it without clicking on anything. A good antivirus program protects you from being the victim of scans or phishing schemes that are spread through email.

  1. Life Saver-Backup

If worse comes to worst, one should be prepared with a good backup system, and then you may have to depend on a backup or on some other pendrive or hard disk backup to restore your order. A good antivirus program will create a good backup of your computer’s and the essential files and will allow you to restore that backup if anything terrible happens easily.

  1. Identity protection

With so much data and information shared on different media, you’ve probably would have heard that identity theft is on the rise. With more and more business going digital, it has never more comfortable to safeguard your information, and it can drain your bank accounts, or sell your data to advertising companies. A good antivirus program will protect your data in many meaningful ways and manners. It may verify every time all the user inputs credit card or banking details and information to make sure that a virus has not hijacked your computer or browser.

  1. Powerful firewall

Any antivirus is not useful if there is no strong firewall for its maintenance, once an antivirus program has scanned your computer and removed all threats and detections, you want it to stay that way. Some antivirus programs include a powerful firewall to help you do just that and can easily block incoming threats long before they contact your hard drive.

  1. Malware detection and removal process

The most specific part of antivirus software is the way how it detects virus and threats. That is, how often and accurately does it spot incoming virus threats? Can it quickly remove them from your computer? Does the program remain in contact with a PC security server to stay updated with the latest malware threats? If an application does all of those things, then it’s a real winner.


Q: How antivirus detect malware?

A: The essential and an ideal way that antivirus has genuinely worked. The mark database (some of the time called the “definitions” record) is only a database brimming with “fingerprints” of known malware. At the point when antivirus organizations find new malware, they refresh the mark database on your computer, so it stays current with the most recent dangers.


Q: Which Antivirus is best for windows 10?

A: Well the answer is this question is very simple. Going by the records of the year 2018, ITL Antivirus & Total Security is the best antivirus software.


Q: Is ITL Antivirus safe?

A: Yes, ITL Antivirus is totally safe and will provide the best web security to your computer.

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