Best Android Apps to Make your Smartphone an Entertainment Hub

There was a time in the not-too-distant technological past when Android users often ended up with the short straw. BlackBerry owners had all the apps and functions they needed to run their professional lives in their personal time, iPhone users could enjoy all the spoils, such as the latest releases and advancements in apps, but Android users would wait…and wait…and wait before being able to get their hands on games and entertainment apps.

Thankfully, all that has changed now, and there’s never been a better time to stock up your Android device with engaging, entertaining and straight-up useful apps. If anything, we’ve quickly gone from having not much choice at all to too much choice, so navigating the Google Play Store is a bit like maneuvering through a minefield.

That’s why we’ve researched the best entertainment apps out there to give you a shortlist of the hottest entertainment-focused Android apps to download this summer.

Gaming Apps

Mobile gaming is quite possibly the number one way to stay entertained when traveling or on the go. If you haven’t jumped on the gaming bandwagon yet, or you’re looking to add some fresh new titles to your collection, here are our picks.

  • The Elder Scrolls: Blades


The Elder Scrolls franchise, one of the most popular console series around,has finally made its way to mobile. In Elder Scrolls: Blades — touted to be the flagship game of Apple’s new iPhone XS and XSMax — takes players on a brand-new adventure in Tamriel. Its storyline follows The Blades, former top agents of the Empire who have been sent into exileand is both beautifully crafted and engaging to play.

  • Another Eden


Although not officially confirmed, rumors are that this JRPG centers on Chrono Trigger. There are many similarities between the two, with Another Eden featuring both the same writer and same composer, plus there are definite nods to certain smaller scenes in the 1990’s SNES classic. Nonetheless, this is an excellent game to play and stands out from other RPGs in that players can explore the game world instead of being limited to specific missions.

If you’d like to add a more challenging element to mobile gaming and potentially win some prizes, then check out this summer’s hottest mobile casino apps. There’s an array of secure Android apps from leading online casinos available in the Google Play Store, all of which offer unique and exciting gaming experiences on the go.

Photography Apps

Just in time for your summer holidays, these photography apps will help you turn your vacation snaps into Insta-worthy artwork. And even if you’re not planning to travel this summer, be a tourist in your city and put a different perspective on everyday sights.

  • Moment – Pro Camera

$1.99 (USD)

Moment – Pro Camera is one of those standout photography apps that is simple to use but gives you plenty of manual controls. You can shoot images how you want them with a full toolbox, including ISO, white balance, shutter speed, exposure compensation, focus and RAW shooting. There are even different “lenses,”a timer and tap to focus option — basically, everything you need to turn your mobile into a pro camera.

  • Lens Distortions

Free or $0.99 (USD) per month

Digital and mobile photography has become so saturated with special effects, filters and whatnot that sometimes, it’s nice to go back to basics and edit photos to enhance rather than completely change an image. It’s like the tagline for Lens Distortions says: “the best effects are the ones no one knows you added.” The effects available in this app are beautiful in their simplicity; sunlight, fog, snow and rain effects look so true to life that they don’t even look like post-production retouching. The free app comes with 40 different filters, and the monthly subscription gives you access to 215 premium filters and exclusive filter packs.

The Best of the Rest

  • Tor Browser


Depending on your perspective, Tor Browser is either notorious or a godsend. If you’re firmly in the latter, you’ll be pleased to know that a stable version of Tor Browser for mobile has finally winged its way into the Google Play Store. Much like the desktop browser, Tor mobile, based on Firefox, looks and operates in a reassuringly familiar way.

  • Pocket Casts

$3.99 (USD)

If podcasts are your thing, then you need to download Pocket Casts stat! Recently redesigned, this podcast app allows you to download or stream virtually any podcast, including options for audio-only or video support. It’s remarkably stable, easy to use and with the sign-in feature, you can sync your podcast playlists across different devices.

  • Zedge

Free (with in-app purchases)

Finally, if you want to give your smartphone a brand-new makeover for the summer, Zedge is the app for you. Zedge offers an extensive (and we do mean extensive) selection of ringtones, wallpapers, notifications and alarm tones so that you can customize every customizable part of your device. There are even seasonal promotions if you want to give things a festive feel come Halloween or Christmas.

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