5 Best Android Apps For All Users Who Have Rooted Their Devices

Technology has been changing vastly, now it’s common to find an app that you can use for anything you need. Our phones are our personal assistants and they simply define who we are by what we choose to install and use more often.

If you are

an Android user, you should boast because you get the advantage to have a multitude of options when selecting which apps to choose unlike IOS users who have to use apps that are in the app store unless they choose to jail break their devices.

Android users

get to have a host of many options and maybe sometimes run out of ideas on which apps to download and which not to download.

Below we have sampled some of the best apps that is a must have for

Android users who have rooted their devices.


  • Lucky patcher

Lucky patcher apk lets you experience pro version apps that are only available after paying. It works by installing custom MOD patches which will help manipulate license verification processes. This app is can work on un-rooted devices, but if you wish to unlock its extreme wonderful features, you have to root your android device. Furthermore, this app lets you delete ads that come embedded on the screen of a game.If you want to need it, then you can download it.


  • SB hacker

This is a powerful app that lets you manipulate apps mostly games by modifying aspects such as stamina, lives and energy. Unlike lucky patcher which works on apps that store data on your device, SB Hacker functions by hacking online games such as the clash of the titans. It is important to note that cheating in these games can get your accounts banned thus depriving you of your wonderful games. Furthermore, this app lets you enjoy your games without adverts popping up while playing.


  • Freedom

This is one of the best alternative to lucky patcher with the only difference being that you don’t have to root your device if you wish to install this app. It works by installing custom patches so as to overwrite license verifications in apps and also allows gamers to cheat by awarding them unlimited coins and gems. Furthermore, this app allows you to unlock every achievement in a game which would only be possible if you had unlimited coins and had played a lot of matches.


  • Diskdigger

Diskdigger is a revolutionary app that lets you retrieve any data you might have deleted unknowingly. It works on many platforms (windows, iPhone and android devices). Additionally, this app has FTH feature that lets you connect your phone with your pc and use it. Another feature that endears to users is the fact that with this app you can now delete a file permanently.


  • ES Explorer

ES Explorer is an app that gives you a host of features that will most surely impress you. With this app you can install both ZIP or RAR files which is impossible to install with package installer. Furthermore, ES explorer lets you feel the effect of using your device as a laptop. It gives you the option of copy, cut and paste in its interface.



Rooting your device lets you separate an ordinary app from an extraordinary app by simply letting you take back control of your device by manipulating apps to function as you wish. The mentioned apps is a must have if you wish to experience a whole lot of features in your android device.

2 thoughts on “5 Best Android Apps For All Users Who Have Rooted Their Devices

  • April 6, 2018 at 8:19 pm

    What is the latest version of lucky patcher? Thx

  • April 24, 2018 at 3:44 pm

    From this android devices, I root my Smartphones simply. It’s just a valuable information for Smartphone users. Already I know one or two android devices but I get that how to work from this blog.


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