Best 4 Places To Visit In Slovenia

Initially, Slovenia may not be on everyone’s hit list of visiting the place. This is because not everyone finds the place to be exciting and enjoyable. However, if you have an idea about the places you should be visiting, you will have an idea of Slovenia being the best places to visit in Slovenia.

Slovenia is sure the destination that would not keep you disappointed. The lush valleys and the mountain trails of Slovenia is something to look forward to. Slovenia is rich in culture and is as beautiful and wonderful as an aging wine.  So, don’t wait and start planning now for your next holiday to Slovenia and book your flight ticket in advance through the avianca airlines official site and find the best holiday packages to this awful place at very affordable rates. So, book now and get ready for a perfect trip ever.

Highlighting The 4 Best Places To Visit In Slovenia:

  1. Ljubljana

If you are in Slovenia and haven’t visited Ljubljana, what are you up to? Slovenia, although smaller than other European capitals is extremely beautiful. The charm of the place surely makes it one of the best places to visit. Tromostovje of Ljubljana is a major attraction and is also referred to as Triple Bridge. Here, the three bridges are aligned next to each other over the river. The ancient river structures of the place are also something to look forward to. You can come up for a weekend getaway in Ljubljana.

  1. Lake Bled

The gateway to Triglav National Park, Lake Bled is one of the beautiful places to visit with the water body being surrounded by the Julian Alps. Although the lake isn’t too large, the slight emerald green color makes it sure to look forward to. You can also go around for a trip around the lake in the afternoon. It is one of the best places for active holidays in Slovenia. There is also a small island in between the lake. Bled Castle is situated about 15 minutes away from the river. Thus, you may want to row a boat and visit the place. The 17th-century church is also located here, so you may as well visit this place.

  1. Celje

Celje is the oldest city in Slovenia. It is situated on the banks of Savinja river. There is a 14th-century castle built in the area. It is situated on the hilltop and is one of the major attractions of the city. You will get to witness the historical, Old Celje when you visit the place. Thus, you can take a walk around Old Celje to reach Celje. You will get to see the different buildings from medieval eras. One of the greatest facts is that you may get the chance to eat at any traditional eatery. You can eat the food and relish on the tradition and culture of the place.

  1. Maribor

Once you have relished on the Ljubljana city, you may want to visit Maribor close to the Austrian border. The place is located close to the Drava River. Maribor is full of industries that grow wine. Also, the place is full of various outdoor activities so that you won’t get bored. Maribor is the home to the oldest vine of the world, Stars Trta. The vine is about 450 years old.

Last Words:

Whether you are looking for adventurous holidays in Slovenia or just normal ones, there are a lot of things to do in Slovenia. The place is full of activities and cities that will make your visit worth the while. A trip to Slovenia is something you won’t ever forget. Whether you are planning for a weekend trip or a long vacation trip. Just get your bookings done through the official site and get an instant booking.  Book now and get ready to explore this place on your own.

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