Swimming: The Benefits of a Sport for all Fitness Levels

Exercise is undoubtedly the way to establish a qualitative long life.

Making your body active has not only benefits for your organism but also for your mind. However, sometimes, it can be hard for some people to find some sports or activities that they feel pleasure doing. Going to the gym just because you need to be active it is no good reason to start. Enjoying and having fun while moving your body is essential.

If jogging, running, dancing or cycling is not for you, think always about the possible alternatives. Today, we bring to you the benefits of being in a swimming pool.

There is no need to be a Michael Phelps to practice swimming.

This sport is one of the many sports that is meant for people from all fitness levels and unlike others like horse riding or golf it is much more affordable. Swimming has the power of giving your muscles a makeover while transforming you into a cardio king. All of this with no sweat!

Full body workout

Swimming requires you using all the muscles in the body. If you decide to swim a soft breaststroke or butterfly, you get anyway a full body workout. Exercising in water makes your body work harder, which means that 30 minutes exercising is worth 45 minutes of the same activity on land. Plus, while you are in the water doing exercise, your body won’t be sweaty because the water absorbs all the transpiration you produce.

Improves wellbeing

30 minutes of swimming three times a week alongside a healthy diet, is one of the best ways to be fit, healthy and with a positive mental outlook.

If you have been through a tough week in your working place, your kids are being a nightmare, or you can’t find the job you like the most, then all of these are good reasons for you to go swimming. Swimming regularly lowers the stress levels, reduces anxiety and depression. Additionally, it helps you have better sleeping cycles. Feeling the benefits of swimming within yourself doesn’t require swimming hard. Take it in a light way and enjoy it.

Burn calories

A gentle swim can burn up to 200 calories in just half an hour, the double of just walking. If you decide to swim like a pro, that slice of chocolate cake will burn faster than running or cycling. While you swim, you are burning calories by working all of your body. You might not feel it so well as you do in other sports, but that’s also one of the perks of this water sport.

Lowers the risk of diseases

Do you live worried with heart diseases, diabetes or strokes? Start immediately to swim. By doing it you are lowering the chances of developing these three problems. Take 30 minutes to swim each day and your cardiovascular system will improve and prevent possible diseases to appear.

Supports the body weight

Being in the water makes swimming an exercise that supports 90 percent of your body’s weight. Once you are doing it you might feel lighter and fresher. However, when you leave the water you feel in the body the weight of the exercise. Also, if you have twisted muscles, back problems or long-term injuries, going for a swim might be the solution to a good recovery and a way not to stop to sport.

Increases your energy

Did you know that inactivity is often associated with people’s lack of energy? Three times per week, 30 minutes, it is all it takes to boost your energy levels through increased metabolic rate.

The humid environment of the swimming pool indoors also makes swimming appropriated for people with asthma. Additionally, the breathing exercises required by the swimming may help you expand your lung capacity and gain more control over breathing. Nevertheless, if the chemicals of the swimming pool are not advised to your asthma condition, you can always look for a saltwater swimming pool.

Author: Ines Marinho

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