2018 Audi S5 Cabriolet an A5, but Better in Every Way

Audi S5 Cabriolet is here with a bang!

The powered aesthetics and dynamic design of this new sports car has auto enthusiasts all over the world biting their lip.

Advanced mechanical components along with cutting edge technology keep the Audi S5 ahead of the competition.

To be completely honest, the S5 offers you the best value for money deal. Dynamic design and streamlined curves further stacks on the bolder look of the S5 Cabriolet.

The German carmaker has ensured the best performance in the market with the new convertible.

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What’s good on the car

  • Good performance and Comfortable ride quality
  • Decent interior
  • Beautiful and sharp exterior
  • Well placed virtual Cockpit

What’s not so good

  • Tall drivers may find interior narrow
  • Unengaging driving dynamics
  • Over-critical steering setup

What’s new in the 2018 model

  • 40% better structural rigidity over its previous iteration
  • 88 lbs. lighter than the previous model
  • Uses a turbocharger instead of a supercharger

The 2018 Audi S5 comes with a powerful heart, a 3.0 Liter V6 DOHC with 24-valves Engine which makes out an impressive 349 hp and 369 lb.-ft of Torque.

You get an elevated feeling of control in all terrains, whether in the busy city or greenways, you are good to go in the 2018 S5 Cabriolet.

The advanced Shift-by-wire gear selection helps quick shifting during variable dynamic conditions. The S5 Cabriolet can accelerate a 0-60 mph drag in 4.8 seconds making it one of the fastest Audis in the block.

The 2018 S5 Cabriolet MSRP starts at around $65,100 which is pretty reasonable for a sports convertible.

Audi’s signature Quattro AWD technology offers the legendary all-wheel-drive technology with rear sports differential to give you a real dynamic experience.

It can swift around corners very easily by directing major torque to the outer wheels, thanks to the advanced all-wheel-drive system that does the job very efficiently.

The cabriolet also features the signature Tiptronic automatic transmission by Audi which have 8-speed options. Even with such high-power figures, the Audi doesn’t disappoint on mileage.

The car delivers a best-in-segment 21 mpg in the city and 29 mpg on highways.

The driving experience in the 2018 S5 Cabriolet is as thrilling as you expect from Audi’s sports badge. With Audi Drive Select, you have the liberty to choose your driving mode.

You get different options like Comfort, Auto, Dynamic and Individual modes. The respective modes modify the steering feel, throttle response and gear-shifting characteristics of the car.

The advanced adaptive damping suspension helps you to tailor the car according to your driving style. You can get the most from configurable dynamics in the S5 Cabriolet.

Dynamic Steering system adjusts the feel according to vehicle speeds and the driving mode selected by the driver.

This system enhances steering response perfectly matched with your chosen mode and driving style.

Electronic damper control and new suspension control unit work hard to give you a perfect balance between razor-sharp handling and a comfortable ride.

On the inside, the S5 is spacious enough to seat four passengers. The large 41-inch legroom in the front is plenty for even the tallest of passengers.

You can also just pop the roof down in order to get unlimited headroom! The interior features Audi MMI Navigation plus with Audi virtual Cockpit to give you a track experience on every road.

The interior panels are covered in fine Nappa leather on the seats with neat diamond stitching stacking up the sophisticated look of the car.

The seats also have massage functions with pneumatic side bolsters. You can relax completely inside the new S5 Cabriolet and feel the Chauvinism of Audi.

The S5 comes loaded with a range of connectivity and entertainment options as standard. You can now easily connect your smartphone with connectivity options like Wi-Fi Hotspot.

S5 Cabriolet also has a pre-defined smartphone interface which lets you control the applications and navigation options.

It gets both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is a boon for connectivity. You can command the interface by your voice to play music or check on the route in the map. Audi pre-sense basic package comes as a standard on the 2018 S5 Cabriolet.

The package is capable of applying emergency brakes and/or preparing the car for an impact if it seems imminent. To prepare for impact, the system pretensions the seat belts and closes all windows automatically.

Other advanced safety features like Adaptive cruise control and airbags deployment system takes care of dynamic safety throughout.

Overall, the 2018 Audi S5 Convertible is a great ride with excellent interiors and superb performance. Furthermore, there are several customization options available with the ride to opt for.

For those impressed by the earlier Audi S5 Convertible models, the 2018 model is a must try. For 65 grand, the car is a bit on the expensive side, but who can put a price on happiness.

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