Apple will use OLED in the iPhones launching in 2019

Apple has decided to use OLED panels in every iPhone launching in 2019.


The information comes from South Korea’s Electronic Times. Although it has not been confirmed yet, the announcement stirred the pot in the LCD display market, as Japan Display’s shares fell by 21%.


Apple has been interested in OLED for quite some time, but it was only last year when the company featured this type of screen on its iPhone X, replacing the LCD panels for organic light-emitting diode panels.


The OLED technology seems to be the one that is going to be used on screens and other devices such as tablets, smartphones and wearables (like smartwatches).


OLED screens found in devices like the iPhone allow the device to be power efficient and thinner, and they improve the image quality.


Said screens might allow Apple to develop a flexible or curved iPhone, which is a field where both Samsung and LG top Apple.

Curved iPhone

If the reports turn out to be true, South Korean manufacturers would be the most benefited from having OLED panels in every iPhone in 2019.


Samsung would be the main source while LG would be another option to decrease prices and reduce Apple’s dependence on Samsung.


Additionally, three different models are supposed to arrive this year.


The first one would be an improved version of the iPhone X, keeping the same basic features and size but with a new hardware powered by the Apple A12 processor.


Another model would be an iPhone with a 6.5-inch screen, a giant phone that would make Jobs roll over his grave, as he hated large phones that could not be used with just one hand.


This phone would take Apple into phablet territory, a tendency that seems unstoppable given the increase in screen size seen in the industry.


The third rumored iPhone would be a complicated one, as it would be a “cheap” iPhone X, which would not go well with an OLED screen.

Apple will use OLED in the iPhones

In fact, rumors point to an iPhone X design that would replace the OLED screen for a 6.1-inch LCD one (like the iPhone 8).


This new design would also get rid of the 3D Touch function, change the stainless steel frame for an aluminum one and feature a single rear camera.


As for the general features of every design, it is fair to say that the three of them will have the new iOS 12 system, which will be unveiled next week at the WWDC 2018, and Face ID.


The new system, code-named Peace, would bring novelties like better augmented reality capabilities, deeper Siri integration, digital health monitoring and the ability to use Animojis in FaceTime.


As for hardware, besides the new Apple A12 processor, the new iPhone might feature a triple-lens rear camera and use the new eSIM (next-gen virtual cards) to offer dual-SIM capabilities, which in turn is another feature that some users and professionals require.


Apple has decided to use OLED in iPhones Coming in 2019


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