Anuj Loya Says No Longer Suspicious of Father’s Death

The latest and the most trending news in the world now is about the loya murder case.

21-year-old Anuj, child recently Justice Loya, at a press conference alongside other relatives and their lawyer Ameet Naik.


Denying any suspicions over the passing of CBI Special Judge Brijgopal Harkishan Loya, his relatives on Sunday spoke to the media, lawyers, NGOs and others “not to bother” them in the issue.

anuj loya in press conference

Anuj Loya, 21, said he didn’t have any doubts about the way his dad kicked the bucket three years prior.


“I had a passionate turmoil, consequently I had suspicions about his demise. Yet, now we don’t have any doubts about the way he passed on,” the child of the late judge told correspondents here.


At a press conference, Anuj Loya and different relatives said that for the family, Judge Loya’s going in December 2014 was a pitiful and private issue.

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“The family has been damaged since his downfall. We don’t need any test in his passing. There’s no doubt in the issue (of his passing),” Anuj stated, with other relatives flanking him.


“Prior my granddad and close relative had a few doubts about his passing, which they shared. However, now neither of them has any doubts,” Anuj said.


With tears in his eyes, he additionally encouraged NGOs and government officials to quit “badgering” his family.


“We confronted some pressure from legislators and NGOs. We would prefer not to name anybody, however please pardon my family from constantly getting some information about my dad’s passing,” he said.


The family’s lawyer Ameet Naik said the family, including Anuj are “extremely exasperates” about the whole issue and encouraged the media not to politicize the episode.

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Many individuals are attempting to annoy the relatives and make freeze among them, however there is “no doubt in the psyches of the relatives” (over Judge Loya’s passing), he said.


The Loya family showed up before the media only two days after no less than four best Supreme Court judges brought up issues on Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra’s sure activities, which they stated, had antagonistically influenced the legal.


This and different angles are the topic of a few petitions documented in Bombay High Court and furthermore in the Supreme Court as of late, while a few lawyers, previous judges, social identities and others have looked for a commission of enquiry to test Judge Loya’s passing.

Judge Loya

Judge Loya, who was hearing the touchy Sohrabuddin Sheik “counterfeit experience” case (in which now Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah was a charged at one point in time – however later released), had professedly passed on of a heart failure in Nagpur on December 1, 2014, when he had gone to go to the wedding of an associate’s girl.


Anuj is a moment year understudy of Law in a Pune-based school.

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