Advantages of Having an Event With A Carnival Theme In 2021 and 2022

As far as event themes are concerned, nothing is more relatable – and familiar – than an event with a carnival theme. The carnival is indeed an innately satisfying spectacle, and being able to enjoy a plethora of rides to your heart’s content can spark special memories for anyone.

So if you have been tasked with the unique challenge of coming up with a theme for your event – whether you’re planning a school affair or a corporate family day, a wedding, a birthday party, or more – it’s worth taking a closer look at a carnival theme.

But of all the themes out there, what makes a carnival theme extra special?

Here are the top advantages of having an event with a carnival theme in 2021 and 2022.

1. It’s Ideal For All Age Groups

There’s something to be said about carnival events that set it apart from other themes: it’s ideal for all age groups. We must admit, not all themes will be appreciated by everyone (such as a 1920s theme or a Star Wars theme).

And some themes will only be welcomed by the younger age group, such as a Disneyland theme or a dinosaur theme. But carnival themes are perfect for the young and old because carnivals aren’t just limited to carousels and Ferris wheels, as a fairground hire expert like We Are Tricycle will tell you.

You can have ‘insane’ attractions with thrill rides and haunted houses, and more.

And most people savour the carnival atmosphere just because of the sense of nostalgia it gives them, even if they don’t go on the rides or try out the game stalls and booths themselves.

So an event with a carnival theme is destined to please everyone on your guest list.

2. It’s A Familiar, Nostalgic Theme

If you try holding an event with a film theme or an event based on the Marvel Universe, it may please some, but it won’t please all. An event such as a corporate family day or a party is to make sure that all the attendees can relate to it.

But carnival themes are a familiar, nostalgic theme, and most of us can remember spending time on certain rides such as the giant slide or giant swings and the ever-present roller coaster and dodgem cars.

The sight of a Ferris wheel can bring back fond memories of someone’s youth, and the young and not-so-young can still enjoy the ride together and create new memories.

And let’s not forget the taste of candy floss or popcorn, which can bring back even more memories of delightful summer evenings and holiday getaways with the family.

3. It’s Easy To Plan

Planning an event and fixing all the minute details is hard. But what if you can take some of the work and responsibility off your shoulders by relying on a fairground and carnival hire company?

They can take care of the details and set it all up for you, and all you have to do is let them know which rides and attractions you’d like.

You don’t even have to worry about the entertainment – because it’s already there.

Even the menu is easy to organise, because what else will you have except delicious carnival food?

Of course, you can always add your spin with other food and drink options, but the theme speaks for itself – and this makes it much easier to plan.

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