5 Cybersecurity Trends to watch out for in the year 2018

Many companies and websites have taken the aspect of cybersecurity for granted, only to fall victims of digital attacks later.


Now, everyone is gradually realizing the importance of this aspect, which is why theres a sudden rise in the interest among people about the digital security department.


Even tech giants like Gmail have also been attacked, where hackers exploited a vulnerability of Google Docs to lure people and attack them through phishing techniques.


Governments and major digital companies have already taken formidable steps to tighten the cybersecurity. As a common man, you must also educate yourself about the important digital security and the cybersecurity trends that might take place.


5 possible Cybersecurity trends to expect in 2018

In todays digital world, hackers can easily attack you and exploit your information if youre not secured. To avoid becoming a victim of cyber attacks, read about the upcoming cybersecurity trends and take appropriate actions for your digital security.



  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning:

AI and Machine Learning

Although these two digital sectors have been around for quite a time, web security industry hasnt really tried to implement these for betterment. But, thats probably going to change, as many digital security companies have already started to involve AI and Machine Learning in strengthening the security through automation. Furthermore, AI could be used to potentially detect any cyber attacks before they happen.



  • Demand for Security Startups:


Since theres a void in the supply of security services, the demand for them will automatically shoot up. The year 2018 is going to be a great time for security companies, especially the startups. Government organizations, private companies, and commoners are looking out for customized security services, which startups could cash in by offering such services.


  • Possible Rise of Phishing attacks:

phishing attacks

No matter how innovative the cyber attacks become, phishing is probably the most successful methods for the hackers. Since it has become quite easy for the security programs to identify phishing attack attempts, hackers are expected to come up with sophisticated phishing techniques. Many industry experts are estimating that newer breed of phishing attacks are about to being in 2018.


  • More and More Crypto Heists:

cryptocurrency heists

The Cryptocurrency industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last couple of years, which caught the attention of notorious hackers. This phenomenon has led to a wide range of attacks, which resulted in a lot of Cryptocurrency heists all around the world. Digital Security experts claim that such type of crypto attacks are not going to stop in 2018, but are expected to rise even more.


  • Role of Decentralization:


Blockchain has not only revolutionized the digital currency industry, but also several other industries. Cybersecurity badly needs the decentralization aspect, which is expected to happen in 2018. If the implementation of Blockchain happens successfully, digital security could become much stronger and reliable, making it harder for the hackers to exploit.



Back in the days, cybersecurity used to be a matter of industry professionals and private companies, as they used to be the ones targeted by the hackers. Now, hackers are rampaging on anyone they could prey on, which is why everyone must educate themselves about the importance of digital security. Try to get as much information as possible and implement it to strengthen up your web security.


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